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The True Story of Jesse James


Action / Biography / Crime / Western



The last eighteen years in the life of Jesse James, showing his home life in Missouri, his experiences with Quantrill's raiders, his career of banditry with his brother Frank and the Younger brothers, and his attempt to lead a peaceful life after the disastrous attempt to rob the bank at Northfield, Minn.


Nicholas Ray


Robert Wagner
as Jesse James
Jeffrey Hunter
as Frank James
Hope Lange
as Zee James
Agnes Moorehead
as Mrs. Samuel
Alan Hale Jr.
as Cole Younger (as Alan Hale)
Alan Baxter
as Barney Remington
John Carradine
as Rev. Jethro Bailey

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Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 /10

Spectacular as well as colorful Western dealing with the last eighteen years in the life of Jesse and Frank James

This is a slight and plain biopic about Jesse James who ranks with Billy the Kid as the most famous of Western outlaws . Legend and folklore have cast him as a Robin Hood , a good boy forced by circumstances to follow a criminal life . The picture provides a simple portrait of Jesse and his band , as they move from Civil War to there territory becoming into semi-legends . As showing his home life in Missouri, his experiences with Quantrill's raiders and his career of banditry . As Jesse (Robert Wagner) and Frank (Jeffrey Hunter) joined the Confederate guerrillas of Quantrill and learned to kill in ruthless company . Jesse and Frank along with cousins Cole (Alan Hale Jr) , Bob and Jim Younger (Biff Elliot) return from War to find mommy (Agnes Moorehead) and family threatened by Northern people . As detective Barney Remington (Alan Baxter) was hired by the railroad company to hunt down Jesse and Frank . So James Brothers commence to robbin' banks and trains to help out the poor folks who been done wrong . In the course of their revenge , they will become the object of the biggest manhunt in the history of the Old West . Along the way , Jesse courts attractive young , filly Zee (Hope Lange) . As their fame grows, so will the legend of their leader, a young outlaw by the name of Jesse James.

This is a sprawling and glamorous Western with acceptable performances from Rober Wagner and Jeffrey Hunter. The film gets spectacular shoot em'up , thrills , exciting horse pursuits ; it's entertaining , although nothing new but displays an ordinary pace and with no originality . A glimmer Western with a wild bunch look-alike that ends up into a fateful final . Packs colorful scenarios, moving pace and slick edition by means of flashbacks .Footage from the original 1939 production was used when Frank and Jesse go over a cliff on horseback into a river and when they crashed, on horseback, through a store window during the "Northfield Minnesota Raid." Features various passable acting by a popular group of today's known stars . This is a decent look about the known story of the West's greatest bandit , Jesse James , along with Frank , Cole Younger and brothers with acceptable performances and professional direction by Nicholas Ray who creates some good action scenes . As originally conceived by Walter Newman and Nicholas Ray, the film had a non-linear plot with flashbacks, but studio boss Buddy Adler couldn't understand it and forced Ray to recut it with the scenes in chronological order ; Bernstein said the recut rendered the film "pointless." Taut excitement throughout , beautifully photographed by Joseph MacDonald and with spectacular bloodletting but realized with some flaws . Atmospheric and evocative musical score by Leigh Harline . The motion picture was well realized by Nicholas Ray who displays enough off-beat touches to keep .

Other films about this legendary outlaw are : The classic version (1939) titled ¨Jesse James(1939)¨ with Tyrone Power and Henry Fonda, ¨The return of Frank james(1950) by Fritz Lang with Henry Fonda ; ¨I shot Jesse James¨ by Samuel Fuller with John Ireland as Bob Ford ; and ¨Jesse James vs the Dalton(1954)¨ by William Castle with John Ireland . And contemporary-style Western such as ¨Frank and Jesse¨ by Robert Boris with Rob Lowe as Jesse James , Bill Paxton as Frank James and Randy Travis as Younger ; ¨American outlaws¨ by Les Mayfield with Colin Farrell , Gabriel Macht , Terry O'Quinn , Harris Yulin and Ali Larter ; and ¨The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford¨ (2007) by Andrew Dominik with Brad Pitt , Sam Shepard , Mary Louise Parker , Casey Affleck and Sam Rockwell.

The picture was based on actual events , these are the following : At the war's end in 1865 , Jesse rode in to surrender and was shot and seriously wounded by a Union soldier . It is believed that Jesse took part in his first robbery in 1866 when a dozen men held up the bank in Liberty , Missouri . A bank cashier was killed in the raid and a reward was offered for each of the James brothers . In 1873 Jesse and his band derailed and robbed a train on the Rock Island line . Jesse married his cousin Zerelda , who bore him two children . Pinkerton detectives were contracted to chase Jesse and Frank , the agents surrounded the home , believing they to be there , tossed a bomb and the explosion killed Jesse's young half-brother . This outrage brought much sympathy for the brothers . On 1876 Jesse and Frank in company the three Younger Brothers , attempted a bank robbery at Northfield , Minnnesota , and walked in disaster . The alerted citizens opened fire on the raiders , of the eight bandits involved , three were killed and three Younger brothers were captured . On 3 April 1882 Bob Ford , a new member of the gang , treacherously shot Jesse dead in back of the head in his home at St Joseph , Missouri .

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 3 /10

It seems like we all agree with the director.

Copyright 1957 by 20th Century-Fox Film Corp. New York opening at the Globe: 22 March 1957. U.S. release: February 1957. U.K. release: 20 May 1957. Australian release: 18 April 1957. 8,257 feet. 92 minutes. U.K. release title: "The JAMES BROTHERS".

SYNOPSIS: At the end of the Civil War, two brothers form a band of outlaws. But one of the brothers, Jesse, falls in love and decides to settle down in a town where no-one knows his real identity.

COMMENT: The script: Although the credit titles make no mention of the fact, what we have here is not so much the "true story" of the James boys, but yet another variation — wearisomely muddled, clumsily constructed and one-dimensionally characterized — of Alfred Noyes' famous poem, "The Highwayman". I don't mind the screenwriter using Noyes as his anonymous source, so long as keeps the story moving as smoothly and rapidly as Noyes does, with plenty of narrative suspense and character conflict, heightened by just the right balance between atmospheric setting and intriguingly realistic background details. Unfortunately, Mr. Newman is a poor hand at all of these vital requirements.

The acting: Admittedly, the script is no great shakes, but a good actor won't throw in the towel, no matter how inferior his material. A good actor will try to make something of it. Unfortunately, only one of the principals has made that attempt and she way overdoes it. Thank you, Agnes Moorehead. As for stolid Robert Wagner and equally juvenile Jeffrey Hunter, the most that can be said is that they seem to know their lines.

The directing: Mr. Ray has stated, "I was not interested in "The True Story of Jesse James." Thanks, Nick, neither are we.

P.S. The original Jesse James was Fox's biggest money-maker for 1939. Tyrone Power was Jesse, Henry Fonda played Frank, Nancy Kelly did Zee, under the direction of Henry King.

OTHER VIEWS: After an exciting pre-credit sequence showing a raid on a small Western bank and a man-hunt through a forest, the remainder of "The James Brothers" fails to sustain the promise and vitality of this beginning... The familiar saga seems to have aroused little real interest in its director. — Monthly Film Bulletin.

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 7 /10

'As the rewards go higher, your friends grow fewer.'

As an actor, Robert Wagner has shown remarkable staying power, especially when one considers that his success in the cinema was effected almost entirely through his dark, boyish good looks…

In "The True Story of Jesse James", Robert Wagner (Jesse) is proud of his name… His name means something, especially when those Yankee bankers hear it, they start shaking… Jesse James was the shooting spokesman for everyone whose life was quietly desperate… To ones, he was a thief… To others he was already becoming a legend, one that kindles a fire in their hearts…

Jesse has planned the very last robbery perfectly to make enough money to retire on… But in spite that he never struck a bank in Northfield, the Minnesota banks were anxiously waiting for him… So something went wrong…

Mrs. Samuel (Agnes Moorehead) recalls the past… The Yankees came riding down on her farm, and her neighbors dragged her out of the kitchen… Her elder son Frank (Jeffrey Hunter) was fighting for the South… The State of Missouri has taken sides with the North… Any man from this state who joins the South was considered a traitor…

For Zee (Hope Lange), Jesse had a dream for the future… But that night, his neighbors, who were Northern sympathizers, broke his reverie…

All begins when the war has sapped the two brothers and their friends bone-dry… Every bank in the state of Missouri was owned by a Yankee man who hates their hide and wants them to get out… Those banks have got a lot of Northern money rolling in… Jesse wanted one or two robberies to get enough money to leave for his mother, for his sweetheart, for protecting the farm… But then he becomes addicted to the exciting life of robbing banks and trains…

The film—well paced by director Nicholas Ray—was beautifully acted by all its stars

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