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Adam Patel: Real Magic


Action / Documentary



In his first major television special, British Asian illusionist Adam Patel, showcases his trademark brand of magic, sleight-of-hand, perceptual manipulation and mind hacking, astounding celebrities and the general public.


Adam Patel
as Himself - Illusionist
Peter James
as Himself

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ilesmichael 3 /10

That Facebook video that lasts 44 minutes

You know that feeling when you are walking through a mall and one of the perfume mall kiosk workers sprays the perfume in front of your face and then proceeds to ask you a hundred questions? If you want that breathtaking feeling recreated as a 38 minute too long Facebook video with a dash of the classic Facebook "OMG LOL MUST WATCH NOW!!" thrown in as a side, sit back, strap in, and prepare for your brain to slowly melt

Reviewed by lukeellison 3 /10


Not a huge fan of magic, but this caught my eye after 3 minutes of watching. Adam Patel is a ridiculous man that i do hope to meet in the future. At one point in the short film he puts a needle in his arm declaring he feels no pain. The reason for his painkilling ability? A dark, and introduced but not explained, childhood of being bullied. The needle is meant to symbolize an element of his teenage years (or maybe pain in general?). The woman sitting across from him is so confused by what she has seen that she can hardly get him something to wipe his arm. She even looks at the arm to see if there are holes from the needle he stuck entirely through, maybe thinking this was part of a mind shattering trick. But no, the man who claims to know magic has simply stuck a needle in his arm. This movie is almost as ridiculous as Adam Patel, but not quite. Check out the trailer for Superman: Requiem.

Gave it 3 stars because, honestly, it's pretty funny this guy made a movie. Even if it sucked, good for this guy fooling himself and others.

Reviewed by marketing-50943-00425 8 /10

WOW! This man is amazing!

Some of the strongest street magic I've ever seen and easily as good as anything I've ever seen David Blaine, Dynamo or Derren Brown do. And the reactions are great!

I do hope to see more from Adam Patel soon!

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