The Jurassic Games (2018) torrent download

The Jurassic Games


Action / Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller



In the near future, 10 death row convicts are forced to compete in a virtual reality game that pits them against dinosaurs and each other.


Ryan Bellgardt


Ryan Merriman
as The Host
Perrey Reeves
as Savannah
Daniel Barton
as Assistant
Ron Clemons
as Console Worker #2
Dylan Cox
as The Wasp

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by craftboytde 7 /10

A really good film that doesn't deserve the hate

This was solid, the characters weren't amazing, but they had some traits and most of the acting was really solid and everyone (mostly) was trying. The effects are really good, everyone says they aren't. but this all takes place in a virtual world which explains if some cg isn't amazing, so quit it. this was really well paced and was never boring. the story could have been a little more unique, but I never once was bored or felt like this was a copy. check it out

Reviewed by cjones44-967-574799 6 /10

Enjoyable so long as you are not expecting a blockbuster.

Take a mash-up of the basic concepts from THE CONDEMNED & STAY ALIVE, then add dinosaurs. That gives you the overall premise of THE JURASSIC GAMES. This one is of a much lower budget, so the cast is not well-known and the graphics are only passable because of the VR setting. The plot layout was entertaining and the acting quality is mediocre but not terrible. Enjoyable so long as you are not expecting a blockbuster.

Reviewed by harbhippo 8 /10

Not Oscar-worthy, but well worth the rental.

It seems this movie is either getting slammed by reviewers who expected Spielberg, or praised by people who just wanted a fun movie. Count me with the latter group. Look, the writing, acting and directing are all better than adequate. The complaints come down to the special effects, ie, the dinosaurs. Yes, the dinosaurs look like virtual reality / computer game graphics. But think about it - that's what they're supposed to be. These people are in a virtual reality game, with virtual monsters, and so I don't mind in the least that the monsters look all digital and stuff. I recommend getting a copy in BluRay from your friendly neighborhood Redbox, or however you like to see HD movies, sit back with some snacks and enjoy it. It's not "Jurassic World," but it's better than a made-for-SyFy movie.

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