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Sarah balances her family life with a high-powered marketing job. But when Sarah starts receiving threatening texts and photos of herself on her cell phone via "Flashchat," her perfect life starts to unravel. Unable to prove to the police because the messages disappear as soon as she opens them, Sarah takes it upon herself to find out who her stalker is... and the shocking reason why she has been targeted.


Jason Furukawa


AnnaLynne McCord
as Sarah Miller
Brent Stait
as Vincent
Emma Johnson
as Jennifer Searles

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jwayne_24 7 /10

not great, but not bad either

Annalynne McCord is a very attractive woman who plays a very loving wife and stepmother.

Her life is turned upside down by blackmail and some threatening photographs that leave her and her husband wondering who is after them.

There are a lot of good twists and an unexpected ending.

This movie wasn't a classic by any stretch but it was a good way to spend and hour and a half.

The one thing that could have made it better was a more menacing subplot but hey i still recommend it.

For a Lifetime movie its not a bad one at all.

Reviewed by edwagreen 6 /10


At first, I thought I was back in the famous shower scene of Psycho. A woman steps out of the shower only to be shot to death in a dark area of her home.

We then fast forward to 2 years later and it appears as if that scene had nothing to do with what we were about to see.

A young woman is married to a guy with a daughter. His former wife is wealthy and recently released from a mental institution. She wants the child back.

You would think that the first wife had something to do with the situation when wife #2 begins receiving photographs of her. We have an assortment of possible people doing this. An amorous female neighbor, a secretary to the woman and even a supposed substitute mail carrier who really isn't a mail person.

#2'w life starts to come apart when these photographs and other weird happenings increase. It costs her her job. The hint here was that she really wasn't dismayed about losing her position.

The ending is a real shocker. Wait until you see who #2 really was. It's all too much to fathom. Connection here is the problem. Thinks really don't make much sense until the very end of this very dark drama.

Reviewed by lavatch N/A

Meet the Millers!

"Watch Your Back" (a.k.a., "Killer Photo") is a crackling good yarn. A high-tech assassin is on the loose using sophisticated a photo surveillance operation to harass Sarah Goodall Miller, who has recently married an unemployed writer, Kurt Miller. The Millers seem like the perfect family with the chemistry between Sarah and Kurt and his adorable daughter Teri. But, appearances may be deceiving!

The plot thickens when the Millers appear to be targeted for an assassination. Nearly all of the characters are suspicious in some way, including Sarah's obnoxious, flirty co-worker Jackson, her overly officious assistant Julie, and the neighbor Louise, who is infatuated with Kurt. Behind the scenes, the mastermind of the assassinations is killed in a police shootout, leaving Sarah on her own to set things right.

There is excellent suspense built, and the filmmakers keep the audience guessing as to who is the villain of the piece. The final ten minutes offer the granddaddy of all plot twists, as the rug is pulled out from under the audience. The actress playing Sarah was terrific and very credible with the delicate character transformation she had to achieve at the end.

The surprises come in a fast and furious manner in the thrilling ending! The best advice possible for film viewers is to watch your back!

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