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The Commodore Story





The Commodore Story of the PET Vic20 C64 and Amiga from engineers, games developers and how Commodore influenced the first 8-bit generation users.


Steven Fletcher

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by toshxs-18310 4 /10

Interesting story let down by a poor documentary

Dry, that's probably the best explanation of what's wrong with this documentary.

While the stories are interesting and let you into another time of computers, when there was an almost hippy ethic to getting products to market, the interviews get a little boring after a while, major figures are introduced without fanfare so it's hard to keep a track on who was important and who's not. But the worst part is there is very little in the respect of showing off the hardware or the software, just a lot of talking heads.

example: "People are still programming games for the Commodore 64 and Amiga" - then show you no examples or even box art.

It suffers from the Star Trek Paradox. We must get to point A, the whole fleet is there ready to engae the big ship that's chasing us. Big ship disables the Enterprise and we never get the (hopefully) special effect laden space battle we were promised.

Reviewed by tszula 5 /10

Would have deserved much more..

It is confusing. Difficult to follow who is who. The models are not really secribed or compared. No games are shown as examples or music or demos showed.

It could have be much more interesting and nostalgic. Difficult to watch this long.

But all in all thank you for making it as it shows so much infos we could not knwo before. And also for paying respect to these beautiful creations.

Reviewed by rikki-10 3 /10

Great stories. Bad film making.

The film maker appears at the start introducing and narrating but he is not skilled in front of camera and it starts off on the wrong foot. Then we get choppy cuts on interviews, accidental shaky cam on constantly annoying slider shots and strange zooms on static photos. A lot of recent Commodore films have been made so this is too little too late and unfortunately badly executed.

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