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Shaadi Ke Side Effects


Action / Comedy / Romance



Sid and Trisha are happily married couple until they find out that they are having a baby. This changes everything for both of them; specially Sid. Life is getting difficult and boring for Sid day by day until he discovers a key to success in family life from a friend who is know for his brilliant performances as a father and a husband. He too begins to follow his lead and enters in to a two-way life style. In a one he is a great father and a husband and in his secret life he is enjoying his life as he used to enjoy in his bachelor life. Everything goes perfectly well until a third person enters to their life. From that point onward Sid's marriage life is moving toward a disaster. He tries his best to save it for the sake of his child. He finally understands how important his wife and child for him.


Saket Chaudhary


Farhan Akhtar
as Siddharth Roy
Vidya Balan
as Trisha Roy
Vir Das
as Manav
Ram Kapoor
as Ranveer
Purab Kohli
as Shekhar

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dhivyarani28 8 /10

A quirky yet relatable take on marriage; worth the moolah

I don't understand the fuss surrounding the movie, considering how it's probably one of the better scripts and execution of comedy I've seen in Bollywood in recent times. I had watched this is a fully booked theater and from the roars of laughter and clapping, I can assure you that 'Shaadi Ke Side Effects' is worth at least a one time watch.

Farhan and Vidya play a married couple (Sid and Trisha) who complement each other and are a breath of fresh air. (Definitely a break from seeing much older actors romancing heroines who could very much be their daughters.) The "unconventional" pairing plays out lovely on screen and needless to say, both actors nailed their respective roles with such conviction.

Farhan's comic timing and delivery of witty dialogue has again ascertain his strength as an actor (amongst his ever growing list!) and Vidya's subtle portrayal of a urban woman struggling to be a new mother is remarkable.

Saket Chaudhary's hilarious take on parenthood and painful truth of life after marriage is well-balanced with all-too-familiar scenarios of both "the good" and "the bad". While this uni-sided film is written in a male's perspective, we do get to see Trisha's woes as a wife/mother, too.

The second half of the movie seems a tad draggy with some unnecessary parts but the film manages to pick up its pace at the climax. The twist is certainly unexpected and gets you wondering how the movie is set to end. (I actually did like the ingenious ending, too.)

It's possible that audiences who didn't quite like the movie had much higher expectations of Farhan and Vidya for they are actors who have done quite "serious" films in the past. However, do keep in mind that 'Shaadi Ke Side Effects' is a light-hearted comedy that invariably takes you on a quirky ride while occasionally tapping on the seriousness of marriage.

I'd recommend this relatable film to anyone who's in the mood for some laughs!

Reviewed by mr_zain93 8 /10

A great take on life after marriage..something rare in bollywood..

I was really looking forward for this film , as after a long time it looked like a sensible movie was coming out of Bollywood..and I was not disappointed , as the movie turned out exactly how I expected to be , funny and realistic at the same time..It may not be the most unconventional movie churned out , but still something worth watching If you're a fan of sitcoms nonetheless..

Farhan was just brilliant as the confused husband cum dad , while Vidya was perfect as the typical wife cum mum..both of them complemented each other wonderfully , which is one of the main reason the movie worked big time..

The only bad thing about the movie is it was too damn long , which shouldn't be for this kind of film , as some unnecessary scenes and songs could have been avoided..there comes a point in the 2nd half where you start wondering what is actually going on , but the movie picks up right before the climax..

So nothing much to say here I guess , if you love sensible cinema , you'll really enjoy the movie , but If you are into mindless masala movies , I suggest you ignore this one..

Reviewed by chowdhurytuhin 4 /10

Side effect from watching this movie- Confusion

The start is promising. Later its all confusing and then its ends with a big WTF... A struggling musician marries a well settled working woman. An ingredients for a serious movie. Instead it looks like dish supposed to a Biryani...turns out to be a Khichdi. How the hell did this struggling musician afford to go to exotic foreign locations with his girlfriend and also propose her with a big solitaire while in a hot air balloon? The wife's profession is not known. They lead a luxurious lifestyle. They even hire a 15000 Rupees nanny while the wife is not working. Though, through out the film its about the male leads struggle. Defies logic. The support acts were like playing kabaddi...they come and go at the drop of a popcorn. The main issues portrayed are genuine but the story really lags in dealing with them. Not to waste money on this. If you really want to watch this, wait for it come on a movie channel.

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