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Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller



The film is based on stylized depiction of actual life events surrounding the war on terror in Pakistan including the attack on a Police Academy at Lahore in 2009. Major Mujtaba is a former army officer, who took an early retirement from the service. The plot involves a counter-terrorism operation being conducted in the Northwestern tribal region of Pakistan, led by Ehtesham and coordinated by an intelligence officer played by Ayesha. Ehtesham and the intelligence officer come to know of a major terrorist attack that can only be countered with the help of Major Mujtaba.


Bilal Lashari


Shaan Shahid
as Mujtaba
Ayesha Khan
as Javeria Khattak
Hamza Ali Abbasi
as Ehtesham Khattak, O/C Field Operations CTG
Uzma Khan
as Mujtaba`s Wife
Meesha Shafi
as Lakshmi (alias Zoya)
Ali Azmat
as Ejaz Khan

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sabiyalsaghir10 10 /10

WAAR- A Satisfying Cinematic Experience

Before i start,i want to clarify that I'm not a reviewer but merely a movie fanatic,so please excuse my poor language.

Watch this movie for Spectacular edge-of-the-seat Action Sequences,A Strong Plot,Some Top-Notch Acting and the Best Music Score ever in a Pakistani movie,It totally delivers what was promised in the trailer.For a Pakistani movie,this is extremely good and an Average Pakistani will surely enjoy it.Great job by the whole team,especially Mr.Bilal Lashari,you sir have proved that Pakistan can come out of watching dumb downed action movies.I'm looking forward to your next project.Extremely well job for someone so young and talented.It was worth the wait.

Detalied Review:

-Visually Spectacular,eye candy scenes,Top-Notch Action Sequences and Cinematography.The Action Sequences are gripping and on par with level of Hollywood movies,and the Screenplay is handled perfectly,except for a few scenes,the movie doesn't lag throughout it's length,which I think is the best trait of an action thriller.Extremely well job by the whole Editing team for bringing us this great cinematic experience.

-Direction is fresh and beautifully handled.Bilal Lashari delivered what he promised,and should be called a true perfectionist.His talent and enthusiasm reflects in each and every scene.The scene with the blend of Meesha and Shamoon's Waltz with Terrorist attack on police academy was an experiment done well.

-Plot wise,the movie is a bit biased against India,but that's pretty much the truth we face today,it's RAW vs PAK throughout the movie,a few plot holes here and there but it won't disappoint.It is very solid and true to a great extent,shows us the facts that caused our current scenario.Thumbs up to Mr.Hassan Rana,who did a fine job.What i loved about it was that it doesn't offend the intelligence of the viewer.The whole movie was handled perfectly except the ending,which i think was was poorly executed and hurried.The melodrama should have been avoided.That's the reason I rate it 8/10

-Acting wise,everyone did justice to their roles,particular mentions to Ayesha Khan and Hamza Abbasi for the brilliant chemistry,and Shaan was exceptional in his role of course,you give him a justified role,he can prove that he's so much more than an undead village superhero like his previous movies,with Khuda Ke Liye and Waar,he proves he is the best,and not in any way,less than any great actor you see in Bollywood or Hollywood.He is slowly evolving to perfection with each movie. thumbs up to Ali Azmat and Meesha Shafi who played their parts extremely well and made a great debut.Shamoon Abbasi fit perfectly in his role as a villain,he is evil and a perfect opposite match for Shaan.

-Character Roles were a bit poorly developed and should have been given more thought.Dialogues were perfect,enjoyable and a wave of clapping pursued whenever Shaan came on-screen with his witty remarks.The Decision to shoot 90% of this movie in English can be justified,majority can understand the movie but i saw a guy sitting there who was being translated each and every scene in Urdu by his friend so he can understand what's happening,although Urdu Subtitles were available.

-The Music Score of the movie is something worth particular mention,extremely great job by Amir Munawar and the whole team,the score is what that makes the scenes feel interesting and enthusiastic.The songs were emotional and energetic.

On the whole,it was an enjoyable experience and we are proud to see Pakistanis coming forward and making great cinema.Don't miss it! It's a MUST-WATCH!

Reviewed by movais 9 /10

One of the finest Pakistani movies I have ever seen

On the way back from the cinema.. feeling proud and hopeful with the Pakistani Cinema taking its shape. Bilal Lashari has done tremendous job by producing this great movie Waar, which has every thing to keep the viewer glued. Great visuals, excellent acting and spectacular action makes "Waar" a must watch.

From beginning to an end its a complete entertainment. The background scores and sound effects are great. For me the movie which takes applause, laughter and screams is the movie for masses and Waar got it all. My experience in Cinema watching the movie was great.

Had it been a better video quality would make Waar fairly comparable to any Hollywood movie.

Reviewed by muhannidkhan-821-900351 10 /10

It's better than what we expected! the best Pakistani movie of all time.

This is my first ever movie review so if there are some mistakes then i would try to do better in the future review. for me the movie is a 10/10. Waar was the most anticipated movie for a lot of reasons, for example the amazing cinema-tics shown in the trailer , the dialogue's with patriotism in them , a strong cast , and a young and talented director. For me it was the same like every other Pakistani movie freak and i had to watch it the day it got released. As expected the movie met my expectations and even surpassed them at times. It was a complete action packed entertainment flick with minor flaws, The direction and editing for instance was superb and Bilal Lashari showed the audience that he is one of the best in Pakistan and for me , even better than any Indian director at present. The editors have done a great job. The score in the movie deserves a standing ovation because it was brilliant . The cast did exceptionally well and Shan,Ayesha,Shamoon and Hamza were simply outstanding. The one thing that is worth mentioning is the patriotism in the movie. The downside of the movie was it's story , it was soft gripped and its would have been a perfect one if the story was better , the anti India thing wasn't the thing i was worried about but the sudden change of the feeling between scenes and the action sequences suddenly changing to drama scenes made it some what off balanced. The thing that got me glued to the chair was the acting , direction , the music and the beautiful cinematic experience of the movie. In the end i want to say that nobody is perfect there were some small flaws in the movie but over all it was Amazing and at times it made me wonder, if it was seriously a Pakistani movie , A job well done by Bilal Lashari and i hope that he would carry on his great work. and Shan should sign only good movies cause his talent has been wasted for years.

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