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Horror / Thriller



In order to stop his bad dreams a young boy steals a dreamcatcher from a mysterious neighbor forcing his family to rescue him from a nightmarish entity.


Kerry Harris

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fabgirl-61827 3 /10

ONLY for Lin Shaye

I will watch Lin Shaye in ANYTHING! She is amazing and always nails the character. That said, even she cannot save this movie.

I think this is the second review I've ever written because I feel like the horror genre is so hard to review! There are so many different types of films and, honestly, horror movie aficionados are kinda snobby, lol, we all feel like critics!

This one started out strong, I was excited, I thought ok, wow, this one is gonna be good... up until just past the halfway point and then I don't know what happened but they lost me and I couldn't be more disappointed.

It's very frustrating because half the story was there and the acting was great (a big deal to me) and, Lin Shaye! Hello! But it fizzled out and I was so irritated I had to come here and write this review.

Maybe I'm missing something but I just didn't get it after about two thirds of the way thru. For reference, to give you an idea of the types of movies I like - because it's so hard to try and find a good horror movie that is in my wheelhouse - I very much enjoyed these disturbing horror films, The Platform, Pet, Ghostland and Midsommar, fun horror movies like Tucker and Dale VS Evil and especially LOVED Final Girls with Taissa Farmiga, I adore AHS, loved Tusk, Hunt, Waxwork, any old school 80's slasher film and, of course, ALL of the Insidious movies and The Conjuring franchise, as well. I could probably go on all night but that gives you a small idea of what I like in order to determine if you might want to trust my judgement and give this movie a pass.

Hope this might help others trying to find something good to watch!

Reviewed by joaoedviges 1 /10

Writing review while watching movie because I'm bored.

Well... How should I start. You know the drill.. bad things happen in the past in a house - new tenants go to the house - no cellphone network - kid befriend ghost - old person neighbor knows everything (classic actress) - kid starts to draw creepy stuff - family starts to investigate the past - kid tries to kill himself - ghost harms adult (in the most stupid ways) - climax (dumb)... and some of the stupid use of jump scares sounds in between.

Boring film. Boring acting. Boring everything. Even the basic plot is stupid. Father takes kid where mom died for rehab and leaves him alone with gf (that doesn't believe in ghosts ofc).

One of the longest 90mns in my life.. Damn this was bad. Even the title has bas spelling (for some reason).

Reviewed by nebk 4 /10

Slow, Boring And Cheap

I had very low expectations for Dreamkatcher given its name and unfortunately I wasn't disappointed. It was produced by and stars Radha Mitchell as Gail a child psychologist who is dating a widower Luke played by Henry Thomas. Luke has a young son called Josh who has recurring nightmares about his mother's death and he is also not a big fan of his dad's new girlfriend. And he is also apparently being taken over by a malevolent entity wanting him to kill Gail and Luke as well as their eccentric neighbour Ruth who lives close by and sells home made jams, nick nacks, spirit traps and other junk.

At not even 90 minutes long, Dreamkatcher could have been a fast paced horror film but it is not. It feels way too long and drawn out with unnecessary scenes. In the beginning over 8 minutes pass from the studio logos the opening scene and opening credits until the story really starts. The story ends at around the 1 hour 20 minute mark which means that the movie is just over 72 minutes long excluding ending credits and yet it feels much longer and might have you looking at your watch. The opening sequence is very reminiscent of the opening sequence from the shining even though here it's an aerial shot of a car driven through a forest.

The soundtrack is ominous and creepy at certain times and the acting by Radha Mitchell, Henry Thomas and Lin Shaye is good enough but they had very little to work with and the movie suffers as a result as the story is slow, convoluted predictable and boring and so ultimately is the movie. A 3.5-4 out of 10.

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