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Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Music / Romance



Broke, job hopping, indie musician, Izzy has just discovered that her ex-boyfriend- her soulmate!- got engaged to her ex-best friend, and their party happens to be tonight. Enraged and desperate, Izzy embarks on a quest to charge across Los Angeles and break that up in order to fulfill what she believes to be her destiny - before it's too late.


Christian Papierniak

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Reviewed by TheInbetweener 8 /10

Savage, angry, true

I shouldn't be surprised by the reaction to this film, in a time when indie films have to be brutally realistic, or feature decayed characters, or have scenery gnashing performances to make a mark. There can't just be chaotic, sweet little movies made about someone's ordinary life, someone's annoying, trashed, tender youth - if they don't make a profound statement about life.

But these little movies always seem to have startlingly true moments, stunningly real feelings. They're not throbbingly stylish or cinematic, so they let their characters come through, sometimes with painful honesty - Izzy manages to be a crashing fail, and at the same time, her experience of the pain of first, and long-lasting love is like a honeycomb crushed in a fist.

She's dirty, wild, funny, lazy - but look at how she folds down onto the bathroom floor and doesn't cry, but lets out this half scream, half moan as the person she's built so much of herself in has just walked away. Watch how she looks at her embittered sister who she used to be so close to, while they sing a song they put so much of their youth and essence into. There's love, there's fear, shame, longing - but there's still that dazzle of hope in her eyes. She's still young, and she hasn't been crushed into uniformity yet.

How can you not feel the truth of this? The fine line between hope and fantasy is a tightrope she walks the entire time. Is what she wants beautiful from afar, but up close, when it opens its mouth, is it just ridiculous? What is the fate she's going to make, if she decides to let go of the one she's been hitching her heart to half of her life? I wish I could've stayed with her longer to find out.

Reviewed by kennetharthurfrench 4 /10

I really liked this film...until the last 20 minutes

I really wanted to like this film, despite the mixed reviews. I enjoy a lot of the cast and was especially psyched to see the talented Mackenzie Davis given a project to carry. And for the first hour or so, I wasn't disappointed. But the last act (pretty much everything after the point where she confronts her former friend and leaves the party) is downright terrible. Neither what happens to her the next morning nor the very last scene makes any sense considering what comes before. It seems tacked on, like there was an original ending that didn't play well with preview audiences. This could have been so much better.

Reviewed by eddief24 8 /10

Indie is where the heart is. Soundtrack is perfect!

As a Mackenzie Davis fan from (Halt & Catch Fire) it was great to see her in the lead role for this indie film, Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town. Although it's not laugh out loud funny all the way through, i did find myself laughing at some of the situations she got herself into while trying to get to an engagement party at the other side of town, which just so happened to be her ex's.

Along the way she meets several different characters that you may have seen before either on tv or other films. Each time she moves onto another location there is a musical interlude which takes us into the start of each new scenario. The soundtrack works really well with this, and for me eventually takes us to the best scene in the show where we find that Izzy's sister is Virginia (Carrie Coon). They used to play in a band together, and we can see there is a strong hatred towards each other, however they are almost blackmailed into playing a song together by (Rob Huebel) Bennett, who is Virginia's husband. They play a 4 minute cover of Heaven to Betsy's - Axemen. While they have the guitars in hand, its not clear if they actually play as the camera is focused on both of them singing, which both of them make a fantastic job on. If you gave up on the film before this then you really missed out on a great scene.

Moving on to the rest of the film, Izzy finally ends up at the party and we finally find out why she is covered in blood. As the engagement party unfolds and we hear the cheers in the background Izzy wonders what she has done with her life and leaves the party, but not after having a go at the new fiance of course.

I shall leave my review here as there is around 15 minutes of the story still to go. I will let you figure out if you want to continue with watching the outcome.

Overall i liked this film, perhaps people shouldn't have expected too much from the plot outline, but if you want a quick hour and a half film to escape to with quirks, great soundtrack and a brilliant singing scene then this is the one for you.

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