Adrenochrome (2017) torrent download



Action / Fantasy / Horror / War



A young American Veteran gets involved with a gang of Venice Beach psychos who are killing people to extract a psychedelic compound from their victim's adrenal glands.


Tom Sizemore
as Col. Big Rich
Larry Bishop
as Larry with Guns
Adam Huss
as Charlie

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by braddy4 N/A

Stoners should just party, not try to make bad movies.

There is no movie or movie making here, it is just some self indulgent stoners who thought they would make a film to 'blow their minds', the result is just a busy mess of childish incoherence by people trying too hard to be hip and 'unique'.

Reviewed by Kontroversial 1 /10

Stoners should keep to drugs and not make movies!

A senselessly stupid MTV clips of drugs and gore with absolutely no substance and sense. Some Anti-American propaganda mixed in there, anti-soldier propaganda (Tom Sizemore trying to be Marlon Brando) and failing miserably. No actor is any good in here, except a girl in skull face paint (looks awesome) and Larry Bishop, spending most of his on-screen time with his face in some girl's ass. Best thing one can do in this crap movie. At times it seems writer/director wanted to make a sort of NATURAL BORN KILLERS / LEAVING LAS VEGAS, but either way he failed miserably.

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 /10


That at least is the title in Germany for whatever reason. Misirlou is a song (title) and one that has been used by Quenting Tarantino in Pulp Fiction. This little nugget of information aside, are there similarities between this filmmaker and QT? I haven't studied up on Simms and his vita, but when it comes to the movie itself they are quite different yet Simms also gives a lot of nods to different movies (from Clockwork Orange to war movies and a lot more).

So while this is going on, you also have the director front and center in front of the camera. And I think you can argue he is not half bad. Then again the nature of the movie makes it tough to judge certain things. If you are not into experimental stuff, you will have a lot of issues with this movie. Add to that violence and nudity and it can be a very weird cocktail for some (or even many). Not really a good movie overall, but the freakish nature of it all and the fact that it is all over the place might elevate this for some viewers

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