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Game Changers





Alex Trebek hosts a documentary about television game shows featuring interviews with a number of game show hosts and producers.


Craig Thompson


Alex Trebek
as Host / Narrator
Ken Jennings
as Himself
Alan Thicke
as Himself
Jim Brannon
as Himself
Marc Summers
as Himself

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pguzik-73666 7 /10

I was surprised

This film was better than I expected! Sure, it was a little bit boring, but it told a lot about game shows and interviewed some well-known people, such as Howie Mandell, Vannah White, Pat Sajak, and Alex Trebek. A good film to record and watch. One criticism I have is they do not go that deep into the game shows, and I wish they would show some game show fails

Reviewed by bigfatmouth-23883 8 /10

Not sure why the rating is so low. This was pretty darn good.

The film covered a wide range of shows, a few of which I had never even heard of. However, being a kid of the 70s, some of the footage from that time was great to see.

Could they, perhaps, have gone more in depth? I guess, but then the film would've been three hours long. I think they used the time wisely, as I was never bored.

Great job!

Reviewed by Orangie2Dope N/A

Sycophantic and boring.

While I did learn a few things from this movie, most of the time was spent on people saying how great everyone else is or was. Trebek couldn't be more boring in his quest to kiss butt. At one point he even talks to Vanna White about quilting. The only people who were remotely interesting were Drew Carey and Regis Philbin. Which is amazing because they were never interesting before. To top it off, there is absolutely no mention of Press Your Luck. Unless game shows are your entire life, you probably won't enjoy this.

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