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David Bowie: The Last Five Years





A documentary about David Bowie's final two albums "The Next Day" (2013) and "Blackstar" (2016) and Broadway musical "Lazarus".


Francis Whately

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Reviewed by lnking-23180 10 /10

Absolutely Brilliant

Being born in 1960 I had the privilege of listening to David Bowie and watching his TV and movie performances for most of my life. This documentary really shows his ability and love of his craft right to the unfortunate end. I hope many people can take from this who suffer in any way what true strength and heart can do. I hope even though he's gone that the current and coming generations will appreciate his pure talent was and I believe this film shows just that. Bravo Tony Visconti, Carlos Alamar and others who knew him for your support and help through his career and your presence in this documentary. Having those only who actually knew him and not others who can only comment on his talent was a relief. Of all the documentaries I've watched through the years about someone famous this is the only one I give 10/10.

Reviewed by mgdraw 10 /10

Needs more Bowie in it, but you can't leave everything behind

Conceptually, it works as intended: Bowie, from the perspective of those who worked with him and loved him. And there is more joy than sadness here. No fluff, no glorification, just a true to life account of a creative genius' last 5 years, true to himself until the very end. You will never get a full picture from Bowie. It's up to you to figure out the puzzle, and it's beautiful.

Reviewed by Prismark10 8 /10

The final years

The more famous he became, the more ordinary David Bowie wanted to be. When he resided in Switzerland he was known as plain David Jones.

I heard since 2012 that Bowie's health was not so good. It had been some years since he was regularly seen in public.

So fans and critics were surprised when Bowie released The Next Day album in 2013.

In January 2016 the rock world was shocked when his death was announced just a few days after the release of the Blackstar album.

This documentary more than just looks at the last five years of his life. Bowie had health problems when he toured in 2004 and in the years after he seemed to have withdrawn from the public limelight.

We hear from collaborators on his final albums, some of them recreate the sounds from those albums. You can sense the surprise and joy they had been asked to record with Bowie. We also hear from directors who made the videos to accompany the songs from these final years and there was the collaboration he did for a stage musical. Some of them knew he was ill and that his time was short.

The most striking thing about this documentary was to hear from Bowie that his biggest regret was to lose some of his best years to drug addiction. A lot of performers whether they are actors or musicians claim that they regret taking drugs and I am never sure they are ever sincere. Bowie seemed to be here.

In ways this was a low key documentary but it was fascinating. Director Francis Whately seemingly did not have much to go on because Bowie was away from the limelight for so much of the last decade of his life.

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