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The Terry Kath Experience





A journey into the mind of one of the most underrated guitarists in rock history. Follow Terry's daughter as she discovers the truth around the life and death of a father she never knew.

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Reviewed by TimMath-545-333580 8 /10

Amazing Talent

This movie more than does justice to Terry Kath, an artist whose voice and guitar jumped out at me on the early Chicago albums. I knew how good he truly was when I heard the band's work after Kath's death, and clearly part of the soul and vibe of the band had left as well. Jimi Hendrix once said that Kath was a better guitarist than he was-that speaks volumes. But, as with so many great rockers, talent came with recklessness. Kath wore it on his face like Jim Morrison. Considering Chicago's decades of popularity, I am surprised at how underrated this man still is. This loving portrait by a daughter who never knew him is well deserved.

Reviewed by packerhof 9 /10

Terry Kath The CTA experience

Unfortunately, the loss of Terry Kath at such a young age left so many undiscovered pinnacles in the music world, as well as his interpersonal life as well. This film does great justice to both. It's a must see film.

Reviewed by jburtonprod-802-759029 8 /10

Good Documantary on a Great Guitar Player

Growing up, Terry Kath was one of my favorite guitar players even though he was trapped in the cheese factory band, Chicago. This documentary shows how good he really was and how good Chicago was before they became the scourge of every high school dance. (If I could've made 'Color My World' a physical being I would've strangled it to death with my bare hands.) Anyway it's a good doc on a great guitar player, with nice memories shared by family and friends. It's a fun watch.

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