Joe's War (2017) torrent download

Joe's War


Action / Drama



After two tours of duty, Joe's life unravels as he waits for PTSD treatment.


Phil Falcone


Armand Assante
as Doctor Galante
Tom Sizemore
as Captain Vickers
Ed Asner
as Harry
Joe Lisi
as Raymond

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lorenzo-31523 9 /10

Joe's War, A deep movie

Watched "Joes War" twice, it is a very deep and compelling story. The acting was heartfelt and moving on a subject that needs much more exposure. I felt the story was true to life as I know many people that suffer from PTSD!!

I recommend this movie to be seen by everyone, as we are all affected in one way or another with this horrible disease. I believe this movie will shed some light and may possibly save someones life, who can ask for more!!

Reviewed by petefal 10 /10

Joe returns from 2 tours in Afghanistan and faces the effects of PTSD.

This movie really brings the effects of PTSD to the forefront. I thought it was well written and well acted. It really sheds light on this dark subject. It shows you that you never know what someone else may be going through. It also shows how this affliction can change the lives of the people around the person experiencing PTSD. I highly recommend watching it. It really opened my eyes.

Reviewed by greenlep1 10 /10

Joe's War Gives Great Insight

Joe's War is a great insight into soldiers suffering from PTSD and allows viewers, who aren't familiar with the disorder, see it first hand. The director did a great job of bringing the audience into their horrific real "deteriorating" world. This sickness is real and needs to be addressed, so I applaud all that were involved with the making of this film.

There were some really nice shots to go along with it, and the music was fantastic. Definitely some heart-touching emotional scenes. The story gave just enough insight without over complicating the issue at hand, so that we could see this disorder and try to understand it best we can. These soldiers, who defend our country need help and sometimes they don't know where to turn and we need to take notice to the warning signs.

We need movies like this now more then ever to raise awareness. I would recommend this film to anyone. Really makes you think.

On top of it all, Armand Assante's performance was brilliant and he gave a perfect and unique dimension to the film's character!

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