Mercy Christmas (2017) torrent download

Mercy Christmas


Action / Comedy / Horror



When Michael Briskett meets the perfect woman, his ideal Christmas dream comes true when she invites him to her family's holiday celebration. Dreams shattered, Michael struggles to survive once he realizes HE will be Christmas dinner.


Ryan Nelson


Steven Hubbell
as Michael Briskett
Casey O'Keefe
as Cindy Robillard
D.J. Hale
as Eddie
Whitney Nielsen
as Katherine
David Ruprecht
as Abe Robillard

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevepat99 10 /10

The final 16 minutes is worth the price of admission! Should be a bloody cult classic!

This must be the most underrated horror/comedy film ever. The summary let's us know this is likely the first ever Christmas, slasher, cannibalism comedy/horror film. The action is relentless humor and much horror related to a run-of-the-mill Xmas cannibalism flick

I often view the final 16 minutes of the film. It is riveting/memorizing, unique in film annals and unforgettable.

Do you recall Monty Python's Black Knight fighting on even after he loses one limb and then another and another. That was one of the greatest comedy blood letting scenes ever put on film. The final 16 minutes of this film pays great homage to the black knight in ways you must see for yourself. The editing of the final scenes, with gore galore, is done in such a bloody tasteful manner that no one need turn from the scene despite the absolute carnage. Amazingly delightful. This entire film should be a cult classic for some of the most unique, crazy, FUN death battles ever filmed including the role of a 'punch bowel.'

If you don't 'get' this film be sure to at least view, you guessed it, the final 16 minutes. Odds are you will never forget it!

Reviewed by aw1963 9 /10

Thoroughly enjoyable

Like the other reviewer I too thought at the beginning that I was in for a low budget,badly acted trash movie,so I was very surprised when I got an action packed,bloody good movie.The acting was excellent all round and the effects and cinematography were top notch.I found it both funny and sad and a couple of events in it just made me intensely angry,If a movie can draw those emotions from you,then I think,for me,it's a success.Whitney Nielsen (Katherine) was so convincing in her character and so beautiful I guess I fell a little bit in love with her,another sign of a good movie.Cole Gleason (Andy),is so delightfully evil I wanted to jump in and kill him myself AND D.J. Hale (Eddie) was just hilarious.This is a must see for anyone who loves a good comedy/horror.

Reviewed by fdhodges N/A

I have a taste for ribs ...

When I started to watch this movie I did not know what to expect but it was actually quite hilarious I laughed through the movie I watched it from start to finish at fyirst I thought it was going to be some low-quality movie but the acting it wasn't like Oscar award winning but it was actually pretty good I believe every character added some spice to the script and it was good I liked it Even the parts that weren't supposed to be particularly funny were funny.

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