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The story revolves around Gautam Khanna (Saif Ali Khan), Veronica D'Costa (Deepika Padukone) and Meera Gupta (Diana Penty). Gautam Khanna (Saif Ali Khan) always had a dream to go to London and have a job. His dream is fulfilled and he gets a job. But his mom, Nita (Dimple Kapadia) says that she has to finalize his marriage to a girl and so he has to wait. She finds her perfect 'bahu' in Meera Gupta (Diana Penty). But she does not tell Gautam about this and tells Meera's parents even to not tell Meera. She tells Gautam to take her friend's daughter Meera as she has an assignment in London for 3 days. On the flight, Meera and Gautam befriend each other. In London, Meera has some problems completing her assignment and therefore fails to give it on time. She loses her job but then Gautam consoles her. They go on a beach party and there they meet Veronica D'Costa (Deepika Padukone). After some days of living with each other, Gautam falls in love with Veronica. But the thing that Gautam ...


Homi Adajania


Saif Ali Khan
as Gautam Kapoor
Deepika Padukone
as Veronica Malaney
Diana Penty
as Meera Sahni
Randeep Hooda
as Kunal Ahuja
Boman Irani
as Randhir "Randy" Kapoor
Dimple Kapadia
as Kavita Kapoor
Ray Burnet
as Security Guard

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by namashi_1 6 /10

Winning First-Hour, Average Second!

Homi Adajania's 'Cocktail' has a Winning First-Half, but an Average Second. It begins wonderfully & offers some hilarious moments, but in the latter hour, the proceedings not only become serious but also very dry. Nonetheless, a decent effort!

'Cocktail' is about 3 friends, of whom each, falls in love with one another.

'Cocktail' rides on an excellent first-hour, with each sequence working big-time. But as mentioned, the second-hour is average. The proceedings appear dry. Imtiaz Ali & Sajid Ali's Screenplay is good, but could've been tighter in the latter hour. Homi Adajania's Direction is highly efficient. Cinematography, Editing & Production Design, are top-class. Music by Pritam, is terrific.

Performance-Wise: Saif Ali Khan is a fine actor & the actor once again pitches in a sincere, believable performance. Deepika Padukone is fantastic, her performance stands out. Diana Penty does quiet well, although her role lacks meat. Dimple Kapadia & Boman Irani are impeccable. Their sequences are simply hilarious! Randeep Hooda deserved a better deal.

On the whole, 'Cocktail' is a decent effort.

Reviewed by rajshah 8 /10

A heady mix!

Bollywood has had its share of love triangles. Does Cocktail have something fresh to offer or it's just an old drink in a new glass?

Meera (Diana Penty) is a traditional Indian girl in London who meets the London bred and oh so sexy Veronica (Deepika Padukone) by chance. They gain from each other's contrasting personality and friendship blooms. Gautam (Saif Ali Khan) the happy and getting lucky with women kind of a guy falls for Deepika and he gets friendly with her best friend Diana. As it so happens in real life, Saif develops feelings for his girlfriend's best friend Diana too. Cocktail is the story of friendship that will undergo a litmus test, of love, heartburn and heart breaks. Does friendship supersede love or love prevails over friendship? Was the best friend bond wafer thin? And can anyone 'rise' in love? I won't tell you. Watch the movie ;)

The movie has lots going for it. The introduction of Saif, Diana and Deepika is flawless. Their camaraderie is so enjoyable you get simmered in their funny and frolicking ways. What happens then is a realistic depiction of problems between friends about love and companionship. You are bound to identify with the highs and lows it takes you through. The second half is marginally stretched and could have been trimmer but that, would be nit picking.

Saif has played such roles earlier. As such this is not a fresh character for him but Gautam Kapoor is his best portrayal of what he does best – a cute, fun to be with and innocent character. He portrays it with finesse, in comedy scenes and the dramatic ones. Deepika sizzles as a sexy rich brat. She looks hot and is unstoppable as Veronica. Her depiction of a wild child caught in an emotional web is praise worthy. Diana's debut couldn't have been better. Perfectly casted, she is never out of character and manages to hold her own even with experienced actors like Saif and Deepika. The seniors, Boman Irani as Saif's mama and Dimple Kapadia as Saif's mother are very good too. Randeep Hooda even in a very short role is good.

A great cocktail needs the right mix. Imtiaz Ali's script not only delivers but packs a punch! Here's an example of what an excellent script can do. The intelligent dialogues guarantees laughs and keep the mix tangy. Pritam's 'Tum hi ho bandhu' is already a rage and 'Jugni' too is an outstanding song. Anil Mehta captures the beautiful locales well and Sreekar Prasad's editing is crisp. Anaita Adajania deserves a special mention for the apt costumes and making Deepika look her sexiest self.

Director, mixologist Homi Adajania should be credited for getting this mix spot on. He treats the excellent script and dialogues with élan, adds great music and extracts superlative performances from his actors. This Cocktail is a fresh take on love triangles set in the contemporary milieu and is so refreshing, you might even ask for a repeat. A great watch whether with friends, best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, love interest or your ex! Grab your seat now!

Watch for: A thoroughly enjoyable contemporary and mature love story. Watch out for: Performances. Don't watch if: Nai yaar. Go watch.

Story: 9 | Screenplay: 9 | Performances: 8 | Songs and Music: 8 | Direction: 8 | Overall: 8/10

Reviewed by meghana-meggy 1 /10

2 and a half hours of my life I will never get back

I watched this movie because of the refreshing music and the shooting at foreign locations that I saw in the trailer. It was a mistake. I should have known better that nice music and shooting at breathtaking locales does not equal a good film.

The movie's weakest point is its story. Without going into details I'll say that it is full of stereotypes. Deepika plays Veronica- an independent girl who drinks, wears short clothes, visits night clubs and loves having casual sex. She also does not understand basic decency. She is supposed to be seen by the audience as the 'modern' girl because of her 'forwardness'. Diana plays Mira- a damsel-in- distress type girl who wears salwar kameez every other day, does pooja everyday, knows how to cook, has no self esteem and no self confidence. The audience is supposed to see her as the desi behenji Indian girl(because of her 'backwardness'?). Saif plays Gautam- A guy who seems to want to flirt with every girl right from the moment he sees her.

Can you see how the stereotypes are framed here? When are the Indian script writers going to stop portraying women as 'pure' and 'impure'? Just because a girl wears short clothes does not mean she likes drinking or having casual sex. Just because she drinks does not mean she loves having sex with random guys. Just because she has sex with a guy, even if she does not have serious feelings of love for him, does not make her 'impure' or 'slutty'. It is this outdated mindset of Indian society which is impure. It is a personal choice when a girl wants to have sex and portraying her as a slut because of her sexual forwardness in such movies is not just outdated but also sexist(The story never talks much about Gautam's 'purity' even if he has sex with multiple women). In one of the scenes Veronica tells Gautam "I can be pure too". I wanted to shout at her and tell her "you don't have to be 'pure', you are already pure. If you try to be like someone else, then you will actually become fake/impure." It is movies like this which encourages the Indian mentality that 'It is OK to rape a girl because she asked for it because she was wearing short clothes'. On the other hand not every girl who is religious and wears traditional clothes is good, innocent or 'pure'. I know many girls who do those things and are mean bitches. Also, the lack of self esteem in a person is not a good quality, it is a bad one.

The acting is not remarkable either. Saif overacts in almost every scene and looks too old to flirt with young women. In real life, a young girl would/should call the cops if someone like him tried to flirt with her. He seemed like a pervert. Diana does not understand how to give facial expressions for different emotions. The only good acting was from Deepika. Dimple and Boman Irani had very short roles. The main characters, who are supposed to have the 'happy ending' lack chemistry. The dialogues lack originality and are forgettable. At some points I didn't understand what a character is trying convey with his/her dialogues. They were that bad. The direction was hopeless too. In some scenes I thought the director is trying to stretch out the movie to make it more than 2 hours long even when there is nothing happening in the scene or there are no dialogues. Sadly, there were many such scenes. The music of the songs was very good but the lyrics were not.

Apart from Deepika's acting, foot-tapping music by Pritam and one hilarious scene where Saif dances on a famous Bollywood item song, there was nothing entertaining about the movie.

It's because of movies like these that I keep wanting to give up on Bollywood.

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