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Shows "Cop watchers" dedicated to bringing awareness to their community and exposing police brutality/harassment. They are legally recording/documenting each arrest but often find themselves to be the victims of chaos.


Camilla Hall


Kevin Moore
as Himself
Ramsey Orta
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David Whitt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bairjohn 2 /10

I don't get it...

I watched this film because I thought it would be informative as to police brutality, and a documentary on their approach to document said. They did show a few examples of police wrong doing, yet I got more of a let's piss cops off so we can make a documentary.

I gave it a 2 for the valid shot's of cop's doing wrong. Very hard to watch as far as quality of shooting.

Reviewed by sarah-522 10 /10

Well told and emotional!

I highly recommend this film made by a dedicated crew. Very important topic!!! Police misconduct effects us all. I loved watching this well told story - the men and women who walk the streets keeping our officers on the straight and narrow are modern day heroes. I highly recommend this watchable import and documentary.

Reviewed by manningnator 1 /10

This one similar to Copwatchers

Another "film" with a similar name showed the same kind of "lacktivism" wherein these "victims" stand around at crime scenes verbally abusing and agitating the police while the latter are doing their jobs. Then when police finally get fed up and arrest one of these filming slobs, the "copwatcher" acts as though their own arrest was somehow illegal (here's a hint: if an officer of the law tells you to 'back up onto the sidewalk', just do it, otherwise you're interfering with police procedures and you will be rightfully arrested). I DO understand that some police break the law themselves, and I'm not against the idea of copwatching, but I am very much against instigating police while you film them, just hoping you can goad them into making a mistake. And one of these CWs has 7 arrests for actual crimes, including drug dealing. He wouldn't be wanting some sort of vengeance, would he? Watch at your own risk of brain cell loss.

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