Once Upon a Time in China and America (1997) torrent download

Once Upon a Time in China and America


Action / Adventure / History / Western



The story is set in both Hong Kong and the U.S. So goes to the U.S. to open a martial arts school. Around this time, many Chinese people were sold off to U.S. railroad companies, and were brutally treated by the Americans under the harsh working conditions. Thus, the American workers' hatred towards the Chinese immigrants is high. As a result, So gets into trouble with the Americans and the mob, and calls Master Wong for help.


Sammo Hung


Jet Li
as Wong Fei Hung
Xiong Xin-Xin
as 'Clubfoot' Seven
Richard Ng
as Uncle Han

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnlewis 8 /10

Widescreen not-dubbed Mandarin version is much improved.

It is understandable that some reviewers got such a poor impression of this film, because the commonly available China Star DVD (found at Best Buy et all) has a horrid Cantonese dub language track, and for some odd reason also has a poor Mandarin dub. It is also cropped badly (pan and scan). But the language problem is the most glaring enjoyment inhibitor, totally ruining the humor and timing of this very enjoyable western spoof/martial arts action flick. This film was actually filmed with live mikes right here in Texas, in live Mandarin, English, and some Cantonese. This original track is only found in the rare official Taiwan DVD from Thunder Media. The action and stunt-work in this film is almost the eighth wonder of the world. The things Jet Li does with his fighting and acrobatic skills are truly amazing. Great story, too. Very humorous in places- also being a spoof of the Once Upon a Time in China series in general. Since many of the stunts are rather large scale, the widescreen really helps also. Plenty has been said here about the story itself, so I don't need to add much. I agree this is not on the same level as the first two Once Upon a Time in China movies, but really neither is the third. I would rank this almost as good as OUATIC3, if viewed with the original soundtrack and aspect ratio.

Reviewed by Mike Astill 7 /10

Enjoyable hokum

The sixth film in the series, and the welcome return of Jet Li after a break in parts 4 and 5. This time around Wong Fei Hung and his cohorts take a trip to the wild west, a reasonable idea but ultimately one of the weakest of the films. The plot limps along rather pointlessly, although the frequent fight scenes (choreographed by Sammo Hung) are as exciting as ever. Their power is somewhat diminished, however, as at no point do you feel the characters are in any real danger.

Jet's cool bullet-dodging in the climactic fight is fun, but only real highlight is the scene where Fei Hung's loyal comrade Seven attempts to cure his master's amnesia by fighting him in the styles of villains from the previous films.

The supporting cast are a painful bunch of stereotypes, and their acting ability leaves a great amount to be desired, but if you can get past that this is enjoyable enough hokum.

Reviewed by drngor 8 /10

Entertaining entry in the series

Jet Li returns as Wong Fei Hung in this great epic series of China's history. With Sammo Hung at the director's chair, one can expect some high-quality choreography. And good fights are not lacking in this movie. I thought that the characters were more defined and likeable then in OUATIC 4. I thought that the epic quality of the story and themes weren't there, but setting that aside, the movie is fun to watch. Sammo proves that he's one of the best choreographers, and Jet Li proves that he's one of the best on-screen fighters.

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