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Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars


Action / Comedy



A police informant sent a letter containing sensitive information on an illegal drug operation to his friend, Yi-Ching. While on vacation in Thailand, the informant is assassinated by the drug lord's henchmen and, to cover-up their operation, they attempt to eliminate Yi-Ching and double-agent Lau. Back in Hong Kong, police detectives Muscles and Ricky Fung are assigned to protect Lau and Inspector Barbara Woo is assigned to protect Yi-Ching. She takes her to the hideout of the "Five Lucky Stars" and also enlists their help in bringing down the drug operation.


Eric Tsang
as Roundhead
Stanley Fung
as Rawhide
Sammo Hung
as Kidstuff / Fastbuck
Yuen Biao
as Ricky Fung

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 7 /10

Classic HK action/comedy, chock full of stars.

Despite an outstanding cast and some brilliant fight scenes, Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars, (the third in the 'Lucky Stars' series after Winners and Sinners and My Lucky Stars) can be a struggle to sit through at times, due to its heavy dose of poor slapstick humour and a rather incomprehensible plot (which is too daft to go into at length). However, if you can make it past the puerile comedy (face pulling, 3 Stooges-style routines, and endless attempts by the 'heroes' at ogling or fondling young women) and turn a blind eye to the forgettable story (cops v bad guys), there is plenty of other stuff to enjoy about this manic 80s Hong Kong classic.

Featuring martial arts superstars Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, Yuen Baio and Andy Lau, Twinkle Twinkle's action scenes are amongst the best you'll see on film. An early fight, between good guys Chan, Baio and Lau, and a warehouse full of gangsters, showcases each star's incredible moves, with Baio in particular impressing with some mighty fine acrobatic kicks. Sammo Hung also gets to shine in a fantastic showdown against both an Aussie bad-guy (the formidable Richard Norton) and a sai wielding Japanese killer.

And even when the action lulled, and the 'comedy' was in full swing, the movie kept my attention thanks to the presence of several rather lovely ladies: pretty Sibelle Hu returns as Barbara Woo; the gorgeous Rosamund Kwan stars as lady-in-peril (and object of lust for the guys) Chi-Chi Wang; and even Michelle Yeoh pops up as a sexy Karate instructor.

Although not the best Hong Kong actioner of the 80s by a long shot (Sammo Hung's Eastern Condors gets my vote for that accolade), Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars is still, on the whole, very entertaining and well worth giving a go.

6.5 out of 10, rounded up to 7 for IMDb.

Reviewed by AndreiPavlov 7 /10

Those martial arts stars twinkled in 1980s all right

Without martial arts sequences it would be 5 out of 10 at most on IMDb, no doubt. But the flick does have some amazing brawls as a tasty dish in different parts of the film.

The Chinese humour here may be called moronic but being that bad it does not spoil the movie. Suggest that one should watch this movie in Chinese with subtitles. Maybe being drunk will also help. The way that little fat "bugger" (as another character calls him) speaks is awesome. As if singing some idiotic childish song - quite a moving intonation. Lexically his speech is idiotic as well. The way Sammo looks in this movie also adds some crazy flavour: he is so baby-faced here and so hurtful at times (with his kicks, jumps, and all). Richard Norton is ridiculous as well with his "Excuse me" and trademark "Painful?" phrases together with childish face expressions, though he has a beard.

In a few words this movie is an orient extravaganza that is quite more enjoyable than anything "blockbusterish" of today's cinema.

The things that spoiled (a bit) the movie for me: voodoo doll topic (it gets too far), outtakes on the DVD (not funny, not cool - plain uninteresting and dull, thankfully these scenes are not in the movie), and little fighting (yes, really tough but little - would be happy with an additional 15 minutes brawl between everybody engaged in the production). The movie could be also shorter for the sake of insane pace - 70 minutes of this stupidity would be nice.

Almost forgot: 1) that Biao's jump at the factory is still in my mind's eye (he made the backward splits and kneed the opponent in the back grabbing him by the hair and thrusting forward through the glass - pure ecstasy); 2) the scene where one of those stupid old fellows is harassing his two friends with the fingers and finally slaps them with that helicopter move hitting the first friend up the chin and the other - upon the head (re-watched this dumb scene a number of times - still cannot believe my eyes while it looks so childish and phoney); 3) the music becomes to the movie perfectly - it resembles the one used in the old Soviet cinema for kids; 4) the moronic ending with the endless crowd of people coming out of the elevator makes me smile real wide.

A ridiculous 7 out of 10 - forget the manners and you'll love it, but do not re-watch it too often because it can make you stupider... Thanks for attention.

Reviewed by DrLenera N/A

Great fighting,tedious comedy,a real mixed bag

The third Lucky Star film is both the best and the worst. First of all,it has some absolutely superb action,including Jackie Chan,Yuen Biao and Andy Lau taking on loads of villains in a warehouse,Chan chasing and battling Richard Norton down some streets and Samo Hung battling a dagger wielding Japanese villain with tennis rackets. Hung's fight choreography is at it's best here,really pushing himself and his other stars to the limits.

Unfortunately this is the least funny of the films. Most of the time it just replays gags from the previous two films,and the 'five horny guys in the same house as a woman' schtick seems even more like sexual harassment and goes on for ever. The plot,although not really that important,was obviously cobbled together in a rush and makes no sense at all. Chan has slightly more footage than in the other two films but due to an injury done on another film he was shooting at the same time doesn';t feature much in the final action.

These Lucky Stars films are really odd. When they are good,as in most of the action,they are excellent. When they are bad,as in a great deal of the comedy which simply doesn't travel well,they really drag and one is tempted to just fast forward to the next fight scene. At least this one has a great cameo from Michelle Yeoh as a fight instructor and what seems like half of the Hong Kong stars of the time coming out of a lift at the end.

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