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Under the Cherry Moon


Comedy / Drama / Music / Musical / Romance



Two cousins from Miami, Florida are in the Mediterranean, enjoying life by scamming money off of rich women. One day, they read about a young woman, Mary Sharon (Dame Kristin Scott Thomas), set to inherit fifty million dollars from her father. At first, Tricky (Jerome Benton) has Christopher Tracy (Prince) talked into romancing her for her money, but as he gets to know her, Christopher falls in love with her. This love comes between the cousins, and Tricky tells all about the plan.


Francesca Annis
as Mrs. Wellington
Steven Berkoff
as Mr. Sharon
Alexandra Stewart
as Mrs. Sharon
as Christopher Tracy

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Reviewed by Tyro-2 N/A

Deserves Cult Status

This must be one of the most mocked films ever, widely considered a joke. I think it was Prince's narcissistic and effeminate character that bothered audiences. The film is undeniably silly, but good and quite effective, but with a quirky quality that pushes it into the cult realm. An example is the scene in which Tracy and Tricky (Prince and Jerome Benton) meet Tracy's refined love interest at a posh restaurant and grill her: "Where do you go if you want to get a Sam Cooke album?" Tricky holds up a sign reading "Wrecka Stow" and finally, writhing in discomfort, she gets it and reluctantly answers, "the record store." Believe it or not, the film is well put together, each scene memorable in its own way and a climax that might make you cry. I've never seen a film quite like it, because (like all cult movies), it takes place in a desirable alternate world - one in which gender and race boundaries are blurred.

Reviewed by San Franciscan N/A


It had to be said. ;)

Only those who've seen and enjoy this movie know what the title means. And by saying it to others around you, you will immediately know whether they love (and therefore have seen) this movie: they'll either go "HUH??! WHAT did you say??!?!?!" or they'll laugh like anything and crow, "UNDER THE CHERRY MOON!!!!!!!" with huge enthusiasm.

I wasn't able to see this when it first came out because I was a teenager at the time and my parents would have KILLED me if I had sneaked out to watch a Prince movie! But the moment it came out on video, a friend rented it, and it turned out to be a hilariously fun movie. Sure, it has a few flaws here and there (a natural to be expected from a guy who's only previous experience with directing was with his own mind-blowing psychedelic videos), but who cares? It's hilarious, MUCH lighter than "Purple Rain" was and frothing over with delight.

Prince as "Christopher" and Jerome Benton ("Tricky") keep threatening to crack up as they deliberately bounce their way through their cartoonish antics, but it's deliberate: they look like they're having a blast. Christopher is supposed to be a gigolo who's gleefully living off the wallets of bored rich chicks until he decides to go for Mary (Kristen Scott-Thomas in her screen debut!), the rich daughter of a frightfully nightmarish millionaire... and accidentally falls in love. Jerome likes her too, and neither of the two of them know how to handle to situation as originally planned.

Prince proves that he does indeed have a sense of humour as he writes lots of cartoonish gags in for comedy relief, such as Mary's mother who keeps getting freaked out by what her daughter is doing and subsequently keeps fainting each time (those around her always catch her--obviously they're accustomed to this happening ;) ). Or when Mary shows up at the two cons' home with a sack of money that's been given to her as a birthday present while saying she thought that a "couple of old pros" like them might have ideas of what to do with it because she's supposedly stumped ("Hey, Tricky! She doesn't know what to do with that!" "Hmmm, that's a toughie... I KNOW! Why don't we SPEND it?"). Or ESPECIALLY the bedroom scene to end all bedroom scenes! But I CAN'T give THAT away, you'll just have to discover it for yourself (Done VERY cleanly... it's in silhouette, and Prince is even still fully-clothed believe it or not, you'll have to see it to believe how tastefully it's done)!

While entirely in B&W, it borders in the psychedelic with its dramatic little visual touches, original soundtrack and dreamy atmosphere in its direction. As a matter of fact, I take that back: it IS psychedelic, especially in the ending credits.

You'll either love this one or hate it. I, for one, happen to love it and (to other fans who know what I'm talking about) I must admit it had me answering my private phone line with "What it is!" for the longest time afterward, much to the bafflement of my callers. ;)

Check this one out if you want to have a fun time at the movies! No, it isn't one of those throw-down movie classics out there, but it sure is fun! I'll bet you'll end up laughing just as hard as we did all through watching it while thinking to yourself, "I never knew Prince could write a COMEDY!" And he can. He proves it.

And besides... well, hey, admit it... you're now anxious to know what "Wrecka Stow" means, now, aren't you? So don't be shy, go get it and find out for yourself some Saturday night!

Reviewed by erikd71 N/A

"Tell him it's chinese"

When I first saw this movie I was expecting to see a really awful movie. Well, it has many weaknesses but it's also a beautifully shot, light hearted romantic comedy which is at times extremely hilarious. It even holds up after repeated viewing. So many funny and quotable scenes "The Wrecka Stow", "Tell him it's chinese", "It's the mum!", "How much money you make? Damn, couldn't you buy some cologne, man?!" and it goes on and on. And of course the soundtrack is superb. Sure, you'll have to like prince at least a bit 'cos you'll getting a lot of him (being the director, actor and composer) but once you can forgive his little faults (which I think is *not* the extreme vanity stuff cos I think that was done so over the top on purpose for fun) you'll be entertained for sure and Prince/Jerome Benton make a great comedy duo as Christopher Tracy and 'Tricky'. When things are getting more serious and dramatic it loses it's strengths a bit, but still I found this a very enjoyable movie.

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