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I Hate Kids


Action / Adventure / Comedy



Nick Pearson is a life-long bachelor who is finally settling down. On the brink of his wedding he is surprised to find he has a 13 year old son who has come to find him through the help of a psychic. The problem is Nick can't stand kids and would happily send the boy back to live with his biological mother, except that no one has any clue who that might be. Having nowhere to turn, Nick must hit the road with the boy and the neurotic, inept psychic to track down dozens of his disgraced ex-flings to whom he must ask the awkward question - with very mixed results.


John Asher


Tom Everett Scott
as Nick Pearson
Tituss Burgess
as The Amazing Fabular
Rachel Boston
as Sydney Bartlett

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 /10

Good for a few laughs

Looks like low budget. OK story but no surprises. It's comedy, so you don't expect serious acting, but even so, acting is only fair.

There were some laughs although not anything that breaks you up.

Nevertheless, I don't see why so many bottom votes (1 star) or for that matter top votes (10 star). I've seen far, far worse. The director had enough sense not to run anything into the ground.

Reviewed by cekadah 7 /10

Sweet and simple

There's not much to write about this movie. Very simple story with a predictable ending. Each character has a charm to keep you entertained and the pace moving.

A sweet story of a successful author discovering an element within himself when a forgotten encounter comes back to interrupt his otherwise perfect life.

By the way - the authors house is a must see!

Reviewed by charlesroberta 10 /10

Lots of Fun! Entertaining comedy!!

This movie is really fun! Great cast and there are a lot of laughs. Tom Everett Scott is really great and all of the actors work well together to make the movie really enjoyable. Watched with my family. Entertaining for all of us. Some really funny bits and nice to watch a comedy that isn't overtly raunchy. I recommend it.

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