A daring synthetic biologist, after a car accident kills his family, will stop at nothing to bring them back, even if it means pitting himself against a government-controlled laboratory, a police task force and the physical laws of science.


Jeffrey Nachmanoff


Keanu Reeves
as William Foster
Alice Eve
as Mona Foster
Aria Lyric Leabu
as Zoe Foster
Emily Alyn Lind
as Sophie Foster

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Reviewed by jwwalrath-227-85487 5 /10

Excellent premise, lousy execution

In Replicas, Keanu Reeves is a scientist working for a company in a South American country focusing on cloning and trying to preserve the human mind on a computer. This turns out to be super convenient as the scientist loses his wife and kids in a car crash. Grief-stricken, he clones their bodies and transfers their consciousnesses (as one does). What results is a surprisingly amateurish effort considering the lead.

The dialogue is pretty weak. People do things that don't feel natural. Weirdly enough, the movie explains certain things pretty thoroughly and interestingly, such as the whole lazarus/rebirth process, while other plot points are just revealed abruptly and sloppily.

The acting doesn't help things either. Keanu is on autopilot here. The guy who plays his boss is hit-and-miss. But it's Alice Eve (She's Out of my League; Star Trek into Darkness) who has the worst performance. She acts like an animatronic. (And yes this is even before the cloning. It isn't a something-went-wrong-type situation.) She has two facial expressions: slightly happy and slightly worried. On the plus side, Silicon Valley's Ben Middleditch is the only one who manages to make all the dialogue work. My hat off to him.

It's sad that this movie was botched so badly because the actual general story could have worked. The concepts they explore here are fun and fascinating. A lot of thought did go into how they brought the family back.

To it's credit, the film does look really good. It has excellent color use and picturesque filming locations.

Overall, this is a bad film, but I wouldn't say it was downright painful. I didn't leave regretting having watched it. If you like making fun of bad movies, then you might want to check this out. Otherwise, I can't recommend this.

Reviewed by jelliejune 6 /10

Bad movie that I enjoyed watching

This must have been one of the strangest movies I've seen all year, and I both liked and disliked it. There's something almost comical about the way this movie progresses and I couldn't help but laugh out loud a few times during it.

I saw it as a sneak preview in our local theatre since it won't be realeased until January here and was actually very excited they picked this movie. The trailers looked great and I thought it would be a different vibe because of those trailers.

Ed had some great lines though. I love Ed.

Reviewed by cruise01 6 /10

Interesting ideas that falls short in laughable script, performances, and forgettable direction.

Replicas (3 out of 5 stars).

Replicas is a decent science fiction thriller that has some interesting concept and ideas but falls short from a terrible script, logic, and dull performances. Without trying to give away many spoilers. William (Keanu Reeves) works for a biomedical research in trying to transfer a mind of a dead person into an android. After an failed attempt. William's wife Mona (Alice Eve), his son Matt (Emjay Anthony), Sophie (Emily Alyn Lind), and Zoe (Aria Leabu) are involved an accident. William becomes a mad scientist that will do whatever it takes to save his family.

The film could have been so much more. It has an interesting concept at play such as cloning a human being and transferring their minds into the new body. Also some scary ideas of deleting memories. William becomes a mad scientist that wants to go beyond the laws of nature to save his family. He steals the lab equipment and has it set in his basement. Even his coworker/ friend Ed (Thomas Middleditch) becomes worried of Williams obsession in his research.

Sadly, the film does have its fault. It has questionable cgi/visual effects that looks terrible. Especially on the scene with the android coming to life. Looks like a bad Claymation. Second, the script has some laughable dialogue that seems out of place or unbelievable. The first hour of the movie is dull and boring when just watching Keanu Reeve's mad scientists behavior with his experiments. Sure, his actions does get a little messed up and may have trouble trying to find emotions to the character.

Keanu Reeves did deliver an emotionless mad scientist in this film. Sure, it may work for his performance as a one dimensional type of character. Alice Eve was decent as her character. Thomas Middleditch was okay as well. And John Ortiz playing the typical corporate bad guy was forgettable.

Overall, Replicas is a fair film. It has some entertaining science fiction moments with the concept after the first hour of the movie. The script and visual effects are bad. The performances are stale. This film does not rank up to being a memorable science fiction type of movie.

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