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Last Glimpse


Action / Reality-TV



Welcome to a Last Glimpse of "Modern Atlantis". Due to rising sea levels, the Maldives and its culture is on the brink. In this travel show with purpose, we meet young people taking action on the front lines of change.


Josh Burstein
as Himself - Host

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sunrock78 10 /10

Like a mini vacation to the Maldives

Fun to watch...the host is great, the people he meets are incredible, the cinematography is gorgeous. The 45 minutes fly by and leave you wanting more.

Reviewed by nicholasbniles 10 /10

Great film on an important topic!

The host does a great job showing the very real effects of climate change in a very concrete manner. Hopefully human kind will muster the political courage necessary to tackle this issue before it's too late.

Reviewed by Tempo_Robato 10 /10

An inspirational call to action. Must see!

A well-crafted and compelling look at the endangered marvels of the Maldives archipelago, highlighting diverse local communities dedicated to protecting this precious ecosystem from serious threats. A highly recommended project worthy of widespread support!

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