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Perfect Skin


Action / Horror / Thriller



Katia Matuschak, 18, a Romanian ex au pair is now adrift in London. She befriends Bob Reid, a seemingly friendly tattoo artist but Bob is not who he seems to be. His life is spiralling out of control and in his final attempt to fulfil his dream he kidnaps her, intending her to be his muse for his lasting work of art. Her body will be his canvas.


Kevin Chicken


Richard Brake
as Bob Reid
Natalia Kostrzewa
as Katia Matuszczak
Jo Woodcock
as Lucy Dalton
Tom Ashley
as Dominic

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 7 /10

Interesting but flawed

There is no doubt this is an interesting little indie film with great cinematography and a stand-out performance by Richard Brake as a tattoo artist looking to create his perfect work of art. It certainly is not boring. The movie though has all the depth of a porn film and is edited at times with the quick cuts used in music videos, an attempt to be stylish that doesn't always work. There is zero depth to the characters and no real development. For a thriller, there was no suspense. The gore, which appears to be done the old fashioned way, without CGI is excellent. Worth a watch though for Brake and the transformation of the lead actress, along with how beautifully it is shot, it just needed more of a story.

Reviewed by djltk 1 /10

Absolute Rubbish

Don't waste time watching this slow & incredibly boring film.

Reviewed by mrsaalvarado 7 /10

Hauntingly beautiful

I was pleasantly surprised by this. I had no idea what to expect. The storyline is really good as well as the acting. The music was perfect for the movie and gave it a really sexy vibe. I'd say give this about 30 minutes. It is slow burning at first, then unfolds into something very unique and hauntingly beautiful.

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