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The Legend of Halloween Jack


Horror / Thriller



The sleepy seaside town of Dunwich is about to learn the true meaning of Vengeance. As the residents gear up for the annual Halloween celebration, little do they know that their seemingly perfect town masks a guilty secret - One year earlier a group of vigilantes took matters into their own hands when notorious criminal Jack Cain escaped conviction. After torturing and killing Cain, they buried his body in the local cornfield and made a pact to never speak his name again. Now, on the day when the veil between the living and dead is at it's thinnest, a mysterious apparition begins stalking the land and dishing out brutal retribution to the vigilante group. So begins the Legend of Halloween Jack.

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Reviewed by Platypuschow 3 /10

The Legend of Halloween Jack: Being a tad generous here

The Legend of Halloween Jack is a British horror movie that tells the story of a serial killer who returns from the grave after being killed by vigilantes. Brought back as scarecrow.............for some reason, he sets about getting revenge.

Though the cinematography is strong enough, the lack of budget is demonstrated everywhere else. From the weak cast to the shoddy sfx it's a masterclass of amateur film making.

Though the killer looks okay his presence is ruined by cutaway/poor deaths and the fact we've seen that very same appearance before. Erm, why was he a scarecrow again?

The plot also is heavily recycled, there is very little in the way of originality here and though it's not the worst of its ilk that I've seen it's still a mess.

I've seen a fair few of Andrew Jones movies now and don't believe off the top of my head that I've seen a good one. This shows signs of competence, but only dashes.

The Good:

Script is better than you'd imagine

The Bad:

Opening credits are bafflingly irrelevant and poorly thought out

Laughable blood sfx

Crappy kills

CGI graves, really?

Moronic horror trope finale

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Blood packs are expensive

Sticking a pencil in a guys butthole isn't gay

Seeing a person in a halloween costume at a halloween party will cause mass panic

Reviewed by pacylpse-201-70836 1 /10

I gave it a 1 because the world would be better without it

Not sure where to begin here. I believe the problem is with the sound quality of this movie and editing. It just makes no sense. Some actors seem to have American accents others, Lord knows what. There is no continuity. The storyline is all over the place and for some insane reason, they keep cutting to this weird lame band. I'm glad I watched it because now I know what a good movie is, anything other than this; except The Room.

Reviewed by knightox 4 /10

Coulda Been Decent but too many Cap Guns & Plot Holes 🕳

You know if the producers had paid just a little more attention to detail they might have had something with this ultra-low budget horror film 🎞. It's fairly a common storyline, "Revenge from Beyond the Grave". Basically a murderer who has his case dismissed is abducted by a group of the victims' male family members. This guy Jack Cain is strung up as a scarecrow and shot to death 💀. Then they unceremoniously bury him. One of the shooters, Johnny, returns to the burial spot exactly one year later. Cain had warned them of living with their guilt for killing an innocent man. Well now drunk 🥃 Johnny can't and he proceeds to blow💨 his brains out all over Cain's grave. His blood seeps deep into the soil and just like that, "Halloween Jack" arises and he's ready for revenge on those who murdered him! (They really should have at least covered him with a little dirt on his costume.) Johnny's body is discovered and other members of the shooting squad begin to fall victim to Jack. Another thing that doesn't make much sense is when the mayor (one of the shooters) goes to ask Johnny's mom about Cain. He does this just to make sure Johnny never told her about the secret shooting. She makes it obvious she doesn't know anything after explaining she already told that to Colin Holt, the chief police inspector, the day before. For some UNEXPLAINED reason the mayor asks her while she's crying for some "biscuits 🥘? Then while she's getting them he comes up behind her and STABS 🔪her to death?!? I couldn't figure that one out. I thought maybe the directors were trying to make us believe that it was really the mayor behind Cain's supposed murders in the first place. Nice twist I thought. However the next scene shows the mayor at home being a jackass 🐴 to his wife about burning 🔥cupcakes. He demands she make more and huffs down in his La-Z-Boy. The next thing you know Halloween Jack slips into the house and slices his throat without any flare or drama. So much for the storyline with the mayor being a killer or being slowly punished for his crimes. Jack kills the mayor's wife too which didn't make much sense since she had nothing to do with Jack's execution. The story continues with Officer Holt being the lone survivor of the original shooters. He finally tells his young deputy Brodie about executing Cain and later finding out later Cain never murdered anyone! Brodie then tells Holt he's been secretly dating his daughter Jennifer for the last four months. Holt then gives Brodie a .38 special cap gun 🔫 and tells him to go get Jennifer at a Halloween party and bring her back to the police station. In the meantime Holt goes to see a psychic friend of Cain's to ask about Cain's past. They get into a confrontation and Holt accidentally discharges his pistol (it really does sound like a cap gun!) into the psychic's chest, killing him instantly. At the Halloween party somehow, Jack knows exactly where to show up. And for some reason he's stopped killing for revenge and has now turned to all out slaughter. How he kills 😵the kids at the party is down right laughable! They really should have worked on this. This is where the cheapness really showed through. Finally Jack goes outside 🌙 and there's Brodie and Jennifer waiting on him (like they couldn't hear all the blood curdling screams and carnage going on just inside). Brodie shoots Jack with his .38 caliber cap gun but Jack gets up. Just then Chief Inspector Daddy Colin Holt comes in the door and shoots Halloween Jack down with his trusty Smith & Westen .44 Magnum cap gun 🔫. Holt then tells them to leave, figuring Jack will be back up any moment. And he's right, Jack is there looking right back at him. Trying for a heroic last chance to destroy Jack, Holt twists open a compressed air tank 🛢.He talks some trash to Jack then hits a lighter and a very poor CGI explosion💥 occurs. The biggest problem with this is the fact he was already standing in a room with DOZENS of Halloween candles 🕯 already lit! Again what were the directors thinking? The movie ends one year later with Jennifer going to visit her father's grave. As she's leaving she notices Jack Cain's tombstone right beside her father's. Ain't that a kick? She then notices a small plastic Jack-O-Lantern in front of Cain's headstone. For some reason she decides to pick it up and then suddenly we see the arm 💪 of Halloween Jack grab her hand 🤚followed by a dubbed in scream (obviously not hers). And there ya have it. The End.

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