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Planet Hulk


Action / Adventure / Animation / Drama / Sci-Fi



Tired of dealing with the Hulk, Iron Man and his compatriots send the creature to an uninhabited planet, only for him to divert it to a savage populated one. Once there, the Hulk is enslaved as a gladiator for an evil ruler's games where no one expects him to survive. However, the Hulk's might proves everyone wrong to the point where some suspect he is the prophesied deliverer of that world. Although the Hulk does not care about such things, he still finds himself being a catalyst that could change the fate of the world.


Sam Liu


Rick D. Wasserman
as Hulk (voice)
Marc Worden
as Iron Man (voice)
Mark Hildreth
as Red King (voice)
Sam Vincent
as Miek (voice)
Lisa Ann Beley
as Caiera (voice)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by disdressed12 8 /10

strikes a fine balance between story and action

this animated offering from marvel is quite good.i liked the's nice to see a little thought put into it once in doesn't take a back seat to the fact,i think the balance between the two is about even.the action sequences are well done,and some are fairly graphic,and bloody.this is a 14A film,for sure.the voice acing is terrific here.Rick D. Wasserman provides the Hulk's voice and i don't think anyone could be more suitable.equally as impressive is Paul Dobson as the voice of Beta Ray Bill.i'm also glad they included such a great character in the movie.there are some other great characters as well.for me,Planet Hulk is an 8/10

Reviewed by SpanishRicky N/A

Great Fun! Marvel Rulz!

Animated films like this one are the reason why Marvel is king. Honestly, most agree that the Marvel Universe is the richest, most entertaining fictional realm ever imagined by man. Now, it's good to see live action and animated features that can match or at least come close enough to the magnitude of the books. While not as complex as the reads themselves, these animated features carry their own level of satisfaction. Just like "Hulk VS" before it, this film delivers the goods. It's more than fun to see Hulk in a gladiatorial setting. It's a blast to see Beta Ray Bill pop in from out of nowhere! When you compare these animated films to their only real competition, it clear to see that Marvel still has the advantage. Planet Hulk makes Green Lantern: Fist Flight look sick by comparison. Hulk VS outclasses the mindless Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and so on. When the foundation is stronger, the things built upon it will be stronger as well.

Hulk is the strongest there is... and so is Marvel. Bring on the Thor animated project!

Reviewed by JasonLeeSmith 8 /10

Good Enough, But I Hope There's a Sequel

"Planet Hulk" is an adaptation of a storyline from the "Incredible Hulk" comic book, in which Hulk is exiled to outer space by a bunch of other super-heroes, because he is such a menace on Earth. Of course, things don't go as the heroes plan, and, due to a wormhole in space, instead of being sent to the idyllic, tranquil planet that the heroes intended, Hulk is instead sent to Sakar, a divided world, ravaged by hostile monsters, and ruled by the cruel monarch known as the Red King.

The "Planet Hulk" storyline from the comics was huge, and there was no real way to adapt the entire thing into a movie, as a result, you get a much scaled down version of the story. There is a depth to the comic book which you just don't get in the movie, but the movie never feels rushed, or overly edited, so it scales down the comic book well. The two biggest changes from the comic to the movie are: 1) The Brood character is not present as a member of the Warbound, and 2) Silver Surfer is replaced by Beta Ray Bill as one of the gladiators that Hulk fights. In watching the "Making of" segment, apparently they didn't have the legal rights to use the Silver Surfer (possibly tied up with the company that currently is controlling the rights to the Fantastic Four), so they used Beta Ray Bill instead. He was a good choice, but he (basically an alien version of Thor) is kind of a silly character, who wouldn't be known by anyone but real hardcore Marvel Comics fans.

The movie goes right up to the point where the Red King is defeated. People who have read "Planet Hulk" know that this is not where the storyline ends. Again, the creators explain this in the "Making of" segment, saying that they wanted to make the film self-contained. The end of the comic, ties directly in to "World War Hulk" the next Hulk storyline. Also, the comic ends on a much more depressing note.

All in all, I enjoyed the movie, but really hope they make a sequel that adapts "World War Hulk."

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