A Sequel to Justice League Dark (2017) involving Jack Kirby's New Gods.


Matt Peters


Matt Ryan
as John Constantine (voice)
Jerry O'Connell
as Clark Kent / Superman (voice)
Taissa Farmiga
as Rachel Roth / Raven (voice)
Jason O'Mara
as Bruce Wayne / Batman (voice)
Rosario Dawson
as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman (voice)
Stuart Allan
as Damian Wayne / Robin (voice)
Rebecca Romijn
as Lois Lane (voice)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Impartial-Critic 3 /10

Predictable BS all the Way to the End

It's not magic, It's bs! How the JL will take back earth from Darkseid...Aside from the typically rushed early 9s and 10s ratings of Only the dedicated fans and the filmmakers, this movie have all the elements of a bad flick!

From neutral point of view, this movie has an incoherent script, disjointed and lackluster screenplay with little substance if any! The animation storytelling irrationally is meant to include almost everyone even if for 1 quick scene without any lines, the end is extremely predictable to the level of foolishness...Love conquers all bs, who the f is this target audience for this disaster?! kindergarten kids! my opinion is don't waste money on this garbage.

I've been wondering for a while though, why does the digital artwork version lately for many DC animated include less characters than the blu-ray cover art? (JL Dark, Constantine, batman hush....etc) Maybe WB see the digital customers less valuable or a lower grade of customers than the hard copy owners ?

Reviewed by phoenixinvictus 2 /10

The writers humiliated DC's greatest superheroes and for what?

When Superman bangs his fist on the table demanding a preemptive strike then you know things are going to go bad. Not even seven minutes into the film and you see death and destruction. Superman loses his powers, Lex Luthor is a wimp who wants to save his own skin, Flash is imprisoned to eternally run on a treadmill, powering an entire planet (what the heck was that about???) and a bunch of others are killed or programmed into being evil! My eyes just rolled at how predictable the plot is going to be. The writers humiliated DC's greatest superheroes and for what? For the Flash to magically fix everything by running through time to the "Flashpoint" (again). They made a mess of things so let's fix it up with time travel? I'm sick and tired of all the needless death and destruction just so they can use time travel to tie up loose ends. The Flash is always running through time and it is not even original anymore. Superheroes are supposed to prevent destruction and not fix it. This was the worst DC movie I have watched.

Reviewed by ralfvangoch-68378 1 /10

Other reviews must be from people who worked on this....

This movie is filled to the brink with wannabe witty cringeworthy dialogue that will only hit with young teenagers. Besides the poor dialogue and voice acting its just trying to be all edgy and "dark" which just makes it very laughable....

Do not watch this unless you are below the age of 12

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