Human Zoo (2020) torrent download

Human Zoo


Horror / Reality-TV / Thriller



The internet watches live, as reality-show contestants struggle against time to see who will stay in solitary confinement the longest and take home the one million dollar prize.


John E Seymore


Jose Rosete
as Contestant 1018
Rachel Amanda Bryant
as Contestant 182
Jessica Cameron
as Contestant 103

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by samsonchui 1 /10

Avoid at all cost

You will hate this movie. No twists. Just 2 hours of u wondering, is anything going to happen?

Totally implausible. Stupid

Reviewed by djsocial 1 /10

Don't even bother.

No story. No substance. Boring to the max. Don't bother watching unless you want to waste time and money. I can't even believe this is called a "movie". Whoever produced and made this just want to throw away some money.

Reviewed by deadlyjo-69789 1 /10

No story. No thrill. No blood. No suspens. No point.

I almost never post reviews here. I felt obligated to this time. This "movie" was probably the biggest waste of 2h of my life ever.

30 first minutes are "characters" (more like random people with no traits or personnality) getting introduced and interviewed. The other hour and a half are just all of them in their own room doing nothing, crying, yelling, doing nothing, crying, yelling, etc. Characters don't even interract with each other, and there is no final act to at least try to give this movie an ending or a purpose.

Avoid at all cost. I mean it.

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