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Adventure / Drama / Thriller



In the Ottoman province of Hijaz during World War I, a young Bedouin boy experiences a greatly hastened coming-of-age as he embarks on a perilous desert journey to guide a British officer to his secret destination.


Naji Abu Nowar

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Reviewed by SuzyCayenne 9 /10

Deliberate pace and gorgeous filming add up to a winner

This film is an excellent all-around package, as long as you're not overly addicted to slambang mindless Hollywood productions. The actors were every bit the characters they played, and the story makes you think about the issues of brotherhood, taking sides, growing up, the impact of colonialization on far-off lands.

The cinematography is gorgeous, spanning the North African landscapes in all their vastness, adding to the viewer's understanding of the isolation the tribal people lived with. (It also made me want to ride camels...) While this movie takes place in WWI, it is not a "war movie." Yes, there is a British soldier and an element of culture clash when he seeks help from young Theeb's brothers. But the story has much more to do with the character of the boy Theeb, the dilemma he finds himself in when trying to balance survival and loyalty, and the reminder that while empires fight their wars, local populations are far more concerned with going on with their lives.

While the movie is serious, I didn't it find it at all depressing. Thoughtful treatment, and pitch-perfect acting and direction.

Reviewed by fulrahul 9 /10

Felt Like A One Shot... credits POV Film-making

Set in the Ottoman province of Hijaz, in 1916, around the time of WWI. Really?? The only suggestion to a world war is when the foreigner says "we are in a war". Hussein (Hussein Salameh) and Theeb (Jacir Eid) are from a family of pilgrim guides. The arrival of the train now helps pilgrims reach Mecca ruining their chief source of income. When a Englishman comes to their clan's camp with a desert guide, rules of Bedouin hospitality force the family to send someone(Hussein) with two men to their destination, Theeb joins. It is a engrossing adventure tale of a young boy forced to grow up and survive in a desert full of bandits, untrustworthy adults. You immerse into the story and it feels like you are watching the adventure live in the desert from start to end thanks to the direction that shows the entire journey from Theeb's point-of-view, our curiosity matches that of Theeb, who heads out to follow his brother and the mysterious British officer. Events are surprising and gripping and take you in the opposite direction of what you are expecting. The stunning scenery and cinematography that helps suggests emotional state, struggles and coming-of-age of Theeb supported by a heart stopping score make this film a benchmark. This is a Must-watch one of a kind road journey where you root for Theeb as he looks for his road in the unending desert.

Reviewed by Aktham_Tashtush 8 /10

A Huge step for the Jordanian film making, And i really see it by this movie flourish in a new era of directing and production.

I just can't believe i waited until now to watch it !!

The story is sensational and captivating .. I could only imagine that replicating such a powerful story from that period of time is so hard .. My only note is it just felt a bit short or just fast, yet the plot itself was clear and easily engaged with and the script appeared strong and connected even though again it would look short and simple but i think maybe for the Arabic viewer that would be more digestible than having a long conversation in bedouin accent.

As for the cinematography I would be 100% confident by saying this is a huge step for the Jordanian Film movement , as The movie looked so professional and i'd say in an eye bat it deserves a spot in the Oscars short list.

The Cast was Amazing, The young boy was just so into the role .. it's just like he is and always has been Theeb for so long.

And to the most Important and (In my opinion) most noticeable part in the movie and made it pop; The Soundtracks .. I mean My goodness !! the songs the humming, the low level clap on the background .. my heart just synchronized it's beating with the music in the movie ... first time i'v heard of Jerry Lane but i'm hoping, Oh hell i'm sure it won't be the last.

So overall, The movie was really good, again wished the the story would'v gone a bit longer with a little more pages on the screenplay .. but that does not make the movie any less charming and delightful ... And i really hope you guys do it in February 28 next year ;) fingers crossed.

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