A thug is released after fifteen years in prison for the murder of a yakuza gang boss. Things were never going to be simple and bygones were never going to be bygones of course, but to make matters more complicated the murdered boss had a young daughter upon his death. Will it be a case of vengeance?


Yasuo Furuhata


Ken Takakura
as Hidetsugu Kano
Kinya Kitaoji
as Michio Sakata
Kimiko Ikegami
as Yoko Matsuoka
Kunie Tanaka
as Kokichi Minami
Yoichi Miura
as Otohiko Takeda
Isao Natsuyagi
as Michio Tachibana

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Reviewed by searchanddestroy-1 N/A

Rare and compelling Japanese crime drama.

Ken Takakura was, with Toshiro Mifune, the most known Japanese actor in Hollywood, or may I say in the rest of the outside Japan world. We saw him in YAKUZA and BLACK RAIN, remember. He had such a poignant face expression for sad stories, gripping atmospheres of crime, drama or honor tales. This film makes no exception. He plays here a yakuza released from jail after fifteen years for murdering a gang boss. A gang boss who, at this time, had a young daughter. A girl who have grown up in the mean time, as you can guess... Yes, a true yakuza movie, but with not so much action, nor violence, no gun shots, just blades... Takakura Ken at his best.

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