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Hello Mr. Billionaire


Action / Comedy



Wang Duo Yu is a loser in life and a minor league football Goalkeeper. Unknown to him, he had a (recently deceased) rich Uncle. In order to test if Wang knows the value of money, he is given the task of disposing of 1 billion yuan in 30 days. Wang has to spent it legally and isn't allowed to have any assets to show for it at the end of the task. If Wang is successful, he gets to inherit his Grand Uncle's 30 billion yuan worth of assets. The biggest problem of all however, is that Wang is not allowed to tell anyone about the task, which create a lot of confusions to the people around him. He is also faced with the evil trustee company's bosses who desperately need him to fail in order to control the management of this huge assets.


Yan Fei


Shen Teng
as Wang Duo Yu
Vivian Sung
as Xia Zhu
Zhang Yiming
as Zhuang Qiang
Chang Yuan
as Liu Jiannan
Wei Xiang
as Coach

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by v-84791 10 /10

Totally worth it

I write this review after I read the other two. One used "farce" in the topic, the other used "cinecism"instead of "review". And I can hardly understand both of them. I don't mean they were wrong about the words. No offense. Just feel a little bit confused. Anyway, speaking of the movie itself, as a comedy, it is hilarious and creative. Thanks to the directors and all the casts. What makes it special for me is that comparing with its trailer, it can be even more splendid. That's not easy.

Reviewed by adambeerbower 5 /10

Brewster's Millions remake

This movie is almost a complete remake of Brewster's Millions. It was made in 1985 and was based on a novel. Hard to beat the original. I guess if u can understand English then watch Brewster's Millions.

Reviewed by p-83552 10 /10

I think this is a very funny movie

What's the feeling of being a rich man? Most of us don't know, and don't have the chance. In this movie, being a millionaire isn't a very happy things, too. But it's on the condition that you should use it up in 30 days. So I do think having money is really a good things. Ps: the actress is very cute!

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