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Malibu Express


Comedy / Crime / Mystery / Thriller



Smooth-talking Texan sexy cowboy and ambitious private investigator Cody Abilene is assigned by the cryptic Contessa Luciana with the task of watching over the eccentric and well-off Lady Lillian Chamberlain after following up on a lead. In the meantime, an elusive traitor and a serious threat to National security is acting as a courier stealing state-of-the-art computer technology right under the government's nose and selling it back to the Russians. Inevitably, the bodies will soon start piling up as the inconspicuous Cody who infiltrates the luxurious Chamberlain's villa in Bel-Air will unearth a family member's involvement with a project led by the nefarious computer magnate Jonathan Harper. Without a doubt, someone wants desperately Cody dead, however, between murder, blackmail and espionage, good old Cody will always help any woman in distress because after all, there will always be knights in the world.


Andy Sidaris


Darby Hinton
as Cody Abilene
Sybil Danning
as Contessa Luciana
Art Metrano
as Matthew
Shelley Taylor Morgan
as Anita Chamberlain
Niki Dantine
as Lady Lillian Chamberlain
Lori Sutton
as Beverly

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Edermike 10 /10

Good memories

This movie is the 80s to me. Cheap and tawdry but also earnest and full of heart. Frankly me and friends liked seeing topless girls and were too young to see them any other way. Yet this movie also had a lot of humor and action. I can still watch it because the lead guy was genuinely personable. The world depicted in this movie exists on its own terms. A cross between the world of MacGyver and John Holmes. There were dubious sequels to this film, but the same cast was not used. While Hard Ticket to Hawaii had one or two moments of fun, they never had the down home feel of this Malibu. I must tell you it still makes me laugh. Now for different reasons. It is both an embrace and a condemnation of the high rollers of the 1980s. The crude attitudes about gays and even a semi rape wouldn't fly today, but it stands as a record of a more ignorant yet more laid back time.

Reviewed by BlackJack_B N/A

This one has it all!

This is what the "Dukes Of Hazzard" would be like if it was geared to adults! Cody Abilene, a man who can't shoot straight with a gun, but can with a...well, you know, is a P.I. trying to solve a crime involving a rich family being bilked out of its cash. This one has it all, gorgeous babes, graphic violence, great sex scenes (for 1985), a good plot, and a hilarious sub-plot involving The Hogg family's cousins, The Buffingtons. A Russ Meyer film made for the 1980's by Andy Sidaris, and a memorable one. The best scene is when Cody needs to find a new car to replace the one he lost, and he goes to a used car lot owned by a woman who recognizes who he is, and when he request to buy a car, the lady starts to seduce him; and later, when he leaves, he says (in a first person voiceover, that he was raped!). Good stuff.

Reviewed by MikeFX 10 /10

Greatest movie ever made...

And I've still yet to finish watching it! Definitely the guiltiest pleasure one could have. How can you not like a movie that features quasi-attractive 80's playmates and a red DeLorean! I recommend this to everyone.

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