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Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / History / War



Set during China's Three Kingdom's era (AD 220-280). The story of a great king and his people, who will be expelled from their homeland and will aspire to claim it. The king, violent and ambitious, of mysterious methods and motives; his general, a visionary who yearns to win the final battle but needs to prepare his plans in secret; the women of the palace, who struggle to find redemption in a world where they have no place; and a commoner called "Lord of all the world", will be the characters around who turn the inexorable forces of this story.


Zhang Yimou


Deng Chao
as Commander Zi Yu / Jing Zhou
Sun Li
as Madam Xiao Ai (Wife of Commander Yu)
Ryan Zheng Kai
as Pei Liang - The King of Pei
Wang Qian-Yuan
as Captain Tian Zhan
Wang Jingchun
as Minister Lu Yan
Hu Jun
as General Yang Cang
Guan Xiaotong
as Qing Ping - The Princess of Pei (The King's sister)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by truemythmedia 9 /10

A Brilliant Wuxia Film

I've always loved foreign cinema, especially the Asian culture; it's so diverse and unique that one could spend years and years studying and still barely scratch the surface. The history is vast and rich, and the films of Asian cinema always bring that to light. There's something about the craftmanship of such films that just feels so much more visceral and rewarding as compared to most American movies. And with Shadow we find director Zhang Yimou ("Hero", "The Great Wall") at his truest form, giving us his most visually satisfying, narratively complex, and action packed movie to date. The film does have a slow start, building the world that we're in and the characters and what their motives are. It's a layered narrative that requires a good bit of attention, each character giving meaning to the scene. Although the pacing is a tad off, it's always an absorbing watch due to the gorgeous cinematography, from the sweeping landscapes to the dense foggy atmosphere this movie just looks phenomenal. I found myself wanting the biggest screen possible to watch such a spectacle. There's a scene when opposing soldiers use their umbrella swords and twirl their way down a cobblestone street all the while firing their crossbows at the enemy, it's bonkers but it's so stylish and inventive. I thought I'd seen it all by now, but Shadow only goes to show there's probably a lot more to see. Overall Shadow is an exceptionally well made martial arts film, one that uses slow burn to a wonderful effect, never distancing itself from the viewer, but still able to build a strong hero and villain organically.

Reviewed by Raven-1969 10 /10

Every Frame is Beautiful

During the Three Kingdoms 1,650 years ago, deception was often employed to survive in the high courts of kings. The war commander of one nation is nothing more than a shadow. His twin brother, the real talent, bides his time in the underworld until he can stage a coup and take revenge upon the king. Yet decoys assume a life of their own, and the shadow twin may take the power and possessions of the one he serves, but only if he is willing to strike and at the right moment. A love interest could provide all the motivation he needs, or perhaps all the distraction to cause him to fail and to be recognized for who he is.

There are many layers to this complex and resplendent film. Every frame is beautiful. Backgrounds are in bold black and white, with human figures providing the color. There is pulse quickening action, seductive romance, the eerily enchanting chords of the Chinese harp and ambient sound of rain and running water, wonderful dialogue, humor, history, yin and yang, intriguing stories, attractive people, fantastic acting and sword play, constant surprises, and more. Deng Shao plays both the shadow and the commander, and he does so brilliantly. North American premiere and the best film I saw at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival.

Reviewed by contact-01618 10 /10

cinema as an art

I just watched this movie a few hours ago and i am still dizzy. The lack of background colors and the almost constant rain add to the complex intrigue. Until the end, one does not know where the director will take us. It is beautifully crafted, the action is realistic, the acting is perfect. This is another "Chef d'oeuvre" from Zhang Yimou. It will be one of these few movies which I shall watch again.. and again, with the same pleasure

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