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Glass Jaw


Action / Drama / Sport / Thriller



Several years ago, the hero of the film "Glass Jaw" was a completely happy man. Travis Austin has achieved great success in boxing. After soon achieving his first victory in the championship, the young athlete became rich, bought a posh house and married a beautiful woman. The guy immediately had a lot of friends who often visited his villa, where the champion organized parties. But one day there was a tragedy .


Jeff Celentano


Lee Kholafai
as Travis Austin
Korrina Rico
as Dana Sasso
Jon Gries
as Sam Austin
Mark Rolston
as Frank Maloney
Jaime Camil
as Erik Ryan

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tompettypresident 8 /10


SUPER COOL MOVIE HANDS DOWN. Story was dope. Acting was on point. That house in the hills was epic. I liked the boxing and the relationships of the characters. All went together well and seemed real. Definitely keeping a closer eye on my friends after watching this though. Shows that there can be snakes in your backyard so keep your grass cut extra low.

Reviewed by timre-87252 10 /10

Great movie

Wow, it is very refreshing to finally watch a movie with a real life message. I already watched it more than 3 times, Enjoyed it everytime. The story moves you To tear up, get mad, get happy and Lots of other emotions from the first minute to the last. Must see.

Reviewed by robmilez 1 /10

Imdb rating is fixed

I never realised you could place a false rating on imdb untill i read the reviews then watched this movie, i gave it a chance and survived 60 minutes, acting is terrible, it could've been good with a better director and better actors.

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