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Marriage Killer


Action / Thriller



Robert and Morgan (40's) have been married for 20 years. They have a teen daughter, beautiful home, self employed, nice cars and great friends. Everything they have ever wanted, except that after all these years, their sex life is idle. Until they decide to join a members only private club, where they meet ISABELLE; a beautiful, sexy, edgy and manipulative woman who is not afraid to express her attraction towards married couples. Unbeknownst to them, Robert and Morgan embark on a journey that will test their marriage to the limit and threaten to loose everything they have ever worked for - including their lives.


Bernard Salzmann

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pauliecorleone-72628 2 /10

I get the feeling that this is actually trying to take itself seriously...

If you want to know what "intense" truly means, then, by all means, do subject yourself to this painful ordeal and when the runtime clock hits the 1h08m mark, keep. Your Eyes. On Jason. London because there is some edge-of-your-seat quality, method-nodding acting happening right there and your mind will be blown and, I mean... you're welcome?

To save you the trouble: Yes, there is no need to judge me for wasting my life reviewing this crap on top of watching it, to begin with. I judge myself aplenty.

Forgive me, Godard, for I have sinned.

Reviewed by psxexperten N/A

Absolutely terrible movie.

In summary, avoid watching this at all costs, if I could take back the time I spent watching it I still wouldn't - because I have sacrificed it for any of you who happen to read this review.

Reviewed by debkanemasu 10 /10

Enjoyable Exploration Film

Marriage Killer is another successful movie by Concord Films! As couples sit at home watching television, there are more than will admit to having wondered about the experience of "members-only night clubs." This film is a voyeuristic journey into the complexities of introducing a bit of "spice" into a marriage that has become somewhat routine. The actors are long time favorites including the handsome and relatable Jason London, charming and beautiful Barbie Castro, and the sexy troublemaker played by Kristen Renton. This is an entertaining film, with emotional drama and a suspenseful undertone. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching Marriage Killer to anyone who would like an escape from their daily routine, and enjoy the opportunity to be drawn into a dramatic story. The film quality, cinematography, and acting are all top notch. Enjoy the film :)

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