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Bounty Hunters


Action / Comedy / Drama



Jersey Bellini is a bounty hunter who forms an uneasy partnership with a rival to capture a fugitive. But the hunters soon discover that the crook is also the man the mob most wants dead! Ready to battle anyone in their way, these hard-hitting Bounty Hunters won't quit until they've brought in their man... and brought down the mob!


George Erschbamer

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Reviewed by callanvass 7 /10

Enjoyable Enough Dudikoff Vehicle, With Some Above Average Action Scenes, And Good Chemistry Between Dudikoff and Lisa Howard!

This is an enjoyable enough Dudikoff vehicle , with some above average action scenes, and good chemistry between Michael Dudikoff and Lisa Howard!. All the characters are cool , and the story while routine, is entertaining enough, plus Michael Dudikoff is simply amazing in this!. It's nothing special, however it makes for a great breezy time waster!, plus Benjamin Ratner is very good as the main villain. Dudikoff is very funny in this film, and had some good lines, and i thought the finale was quite good as well, however the film still had potential to be better. Ashanti Williams is kind of annoying as the kid, and this almost skirts to a **1/2 at times, plus the opening was kind of dumb. Still this is one of Dudikoff's better films, as a lot of the time, he has to work with a bad script, at least this one was decent. The ending is really funny, and i loved Dudikoff's peppermint spray strategy for crooks or villains!, plus i was actually quite surprised, by the performances. This is an enjoyable enough Dudikoff vehicle , with some above average action scenes, and good chemistry between Dudikoff and Lisa Howard, and i say it's well worth the watch!. The Direction is good. George Erschbamer does a good job here, with decent camera work, good angles, and keeping the film at a fast pace!. The Acting is great. Michael Dudikoff is amazing as always, and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, funny, had good chemistry with Lisa Howard, kicked that ass, had lots of charisma, and for once had a decent script to work with!, he is a very talented and underrated Action hero in my opinion (Dudikoff Rules!!!!). Lisa Howard is quite cute, and does excellent here, she was very likable, had good chemistry with Dudikoff, and seemed very comfortable with him, i liked her a lot, she can also kick ass with the best of them!. Benjamin Ratner is good as the main villain, and was somewhat menacing, when on screen, he did a good job. Freddy Andreiuci is OK here as Izzi, but didn't have much to do. Ashanti Williams is so so as the kid, he got on my nerves at times but at least managed to be somewhat bearable. Rest of the cast do OK. Overall well worth the watch!. *** out of 5(almost a **1/2)

Reviewed by MichaelM24 N/A

Dudikoff light

BOUNTY HUNTERS isn't among my favorite Dudikoff movies, but I wouldn't place it among my least-favorites one either. It's sort of in-between, as I have stuff I like and dislike about it. The pacing is pretty bad, and a lot of parts just seem to drag. Dudikoff and Lisa Howard make a good team, but since in this movie they're paired together for the first time, their characters argue and bicker a lot, and it actually gets a little tiresome after awhile. They're better in the sequel, HARDBALL (also known as BOUNTY HUNTERS 2: HARDBALL). The two accidently get involved with a mobster when they come across a kidnapped woman during one of their busts. The main bad guy is quite lame, and Freddy Andreiuci as Izzy is really annoying, though I like how Dudikoff handles him during the chop shop sequence. The film's strongest asset is it's humor, which is even better in the second movie. Dudikoff working on his home security system, visiting a porno movie shoot looking for someone, and trying to fit in at an all-black night club are very funny moments. But it's just not enough to help sustain the film's bad points, of which there are just enough to make me watch this one less than the sequel.

Reviewed by smiley-32 N/A

Bounty Hunters? Dudikoff has gone up par..!

Bounty Hunters. Let's see now.. I've seen this not long ago.. The story is all about Jersey Bellini (DUDIKOFF) a bounty hunter who knows what he does best.. Bring in the bad guys..

He teams up with female partner to go after some drug dealers.. Easier said than done especially if somebody puts out a contract on Bellini..

Well thinking about it, it's a good film. Sloppy script though. Even a four year old could write this..

Michael Dudikoff proves he is an action star but it's just a matter of time before someone gives him a real decent script.

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