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Beware of the Jönsson Gang


Comedy / Crime



The movie begins with the Jönsson gang making a minor burglary. It goes wrong and the gang leader, Sickan, gets caught. After he has spent 10 months in jail, Vanheden and Rocky come to welcome him when he's released. But he doesn't take notice of them, and he's picked up by the mysterious banker Wall-Enberg Jr. instead. He wants Sickan to perform a burglary in Switzerland, in order to retrieve the famous Bedford Diamonds. Sickan does this but is fooled by Wall-Enberg and nearly gets caught. When he returns to Sweden and re-unites with his old gang members, he's set on revenge, both physically and psychologically...


Jonas Cornell


Gösta Ekman
as Charles-Ingvar "Sickan" Jönsson
Ulf Brunnberg
as Ragnar Vanheden
Per Grundén
as Wall-Enberg
Jan-Olof Strandberg
as kriminalkommissarie Svensson

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vato129 10 /10


Varning för jönssonligan.. if anyone from the USA would ask me what Swedish movie is the best, i'd say the Jonssonleague movies. All those movies are very special and each has a great amount of comedy! The first one is my personal favorite! I saw this movie when i was 3-4 years old.. and i LOVED IT! I have never stopped watching the movies because they never really get boring. Every scene in the movie have a bunch of comedy.

The music made by Ragnar Grippe is perfect, my favorite is the main theme and the intro music.

If you haven't seen it yet,... go check it out because this movie is absolutely fantastic!

Reviewed by loleralacartelort7890 8 /10

A good Swedish movie

This is a good Swedish movie - though it is based on a Danish movie. But to put it into perspective we have to go back in film-history: In 1968 Erik Balling and Henning Bahs created the Danish Classic Olsen-Banden (which Varning för Jönssonligan is loosely based on). The movie became a very big success. It became such a big success, that the Norwegians copied the movie in 1969, and claimed it as their own creation - even though they had not created it, Erik Balling and Henning Bahs had come up with the story. But as always the Norwegians nationalism kicked in and took the honour - even though you can see on this wonderful site that Erik Balling and Henning Bahs have credit for coming up with the story, which the Norwegians tend to forget. The Danish original and propably also the Norwegian copy Olsen-banden became such a success that Sweden wanted a Olsen-banden of their own. The Swedes contacted Erik Balling and Henning Bahs and they came up with some stories for the Swedes - which from they could create Jönssonligan. But unlike the Norwegian copy of the Danish creation, the Swedes made Jönssonligan more different and more Swedish - which I like. In 1981 the first Jönssonliga-movie came: Varning för Jönssonligan. And that was good, and it was very different than the Danish one - though the Danes Erik Balling and Henning Bahs came up with the story. The Swedes managed to twist the movie-mythology in their own good way.

Like it.

8/10 - Nuff Said.

Reviewed by Nero68 10 /10


A cult classic in Swedish movies. This is the first movie with the criminal league called Jönssonligan named after the "leader" Charles-Ingvar "Sickan" Jönsson. I have loved these movies the day the came. It blends clever burgler tricks with comedy. The funniest actor is of course Gösta Ekman. He's great as the little bit confused and clumsy but intelligent "Sickan" and he comes up the plans and his colleagues helps him. This is a true classic.

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