Her Side of the Bed (2017) torrent download

Her Side of the Bed


Comedy / Drama / Romance



Rachel Nolan, a twenty-something writer living in New York, watches as her seemingly perfect and planned out life, vanishes when her boyfriend dumps her for another woman and her latest manuscript gets ripped to shreds by her agent. Her free spirited best friend, Nicole, takes it upon herself to heal Rachel's heartbreak the only way she knows how: drugs, drinking and dudes. Rachel finds herself questioning whether friendship and sex are really as mutually exclusive as she'd like them to be when her friendship with Nicole evolves and deteriorates through a shared sexual experience. Her Side of the Bed touches upon the spectrum of sexuality, and the confusing, beautiful, ugly and selfish moments that comprise being in your 20's and trying to figure out who you really are.


Chelsea Morgan
as Rachel Nolan
Bryn Woznicki
as Nicole Weinberg
Kissyc Alonso
as Judgmental Bruncher
Adam Brooks
as Cameron
Holly Hoover
as Ice Queen

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evony-jwm 1 /10

possibly the worst lesbian rom com ever

While there's a new genre of lesbian soft porn this one lacks any chemistry, very weak pg-13 implied sex, dialog, so the only question is why was this movie produced...

Reviewed by JShaft33 4 /10

Self Centered indie flick

A coming of age film about girls in their 30's? Okay... The movie centers around two people that seemingly mostly care about themselves and their own feelings. There are a few light comedic moments, but mostly just self-pity and agonizing. The description explains what the movie wants to be, however the execution doesn't quite get there.

Reviewed by paparas1 1 /10

Egocentric nonsense.

I am sorry but I really cannot understand the reason why people with absolutely no talent, no sense of humor get the funds to shoot so much nonsense! Sheesh!

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