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"He Sends Rain" is a narrative feature film about a young man whose perspective is challenged when he is forced to confront old wounds. At the onset of this story, David Conrad is a man who trusts his intellect, and his anger about a family tragedy has transformed into deeply rooted bitterness. During a visit to David's family home, Julia, his wife, notices negative changes in David's personality and attempts to uncover the mystery of David's past. In this film, David is forced to confront where he's wrong about himself, about his relationships, and about faith. As Socrates put it, "The unexamined life is not worth living." "He Sends Rain" explores this idea, and it does so in an entertaining and thoughtful way.


Jeff Dull


Zachary Bortot
as David Conrad (as Zach Bortot)
Kelly Helgeson
as Julia Conrad
Antoine McKay
as Arthur Sims
Zach McKay
as Marcus Conrad
Jim Poole
as Charles Conrad
Kelly Cherie Levander
as Gloria Clark (as Kelly Levander)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shurgotb 10 /10

What a story

I really enjoyed the story and great cast. I really like the sets. It made me think about my life and it even made me cry

Reviewed by bkoganbing 3 /10

Into each life some rain must fall

I'm doubting you'll know any of the cast members of He Sends Rain which I'm sure is doing well on the Christian church circuit, but few other places. It's a story about a man long estranged from his father who is summoned back to his boyhood home to be with his dying father.

There's a surprise waiting for him. Dad's adopted another kid who is about 14 and been through the foster care system. The kid will go back there if our protagonist and his wife don't take him in.

I'm sure that as the film unfolds you'll guess what the story behind the story is long before the climax. The religious aspect is somewhat subdued, but the players are truly uninspiring.

This one won't be making it out of church basements.

Reviewed by grannygoosemom 10 /10

He does send rain

Great movie, believable story I would have added a 12 step program in there somewhere.

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