Early in 1939 Sir Robert Hunter (Peter O'Toole) takes aim at Adolf Hitler (Michael Sheard) with a high powered rifle, but the shot misses its mark. Captured and tortured by the Gestapo and left for dead, Sir Robert makes his way back to England where he discovers the Gestapo has followed him. Knowing that his government would turn him over to German authorities, Sir Robert goes underground in his battle with his pursuers.


Clive Donner


Peter O'Toole
as Sir Robert Thorndyke
John Standing
as Major Quive-Smith
Alastair Sim
as The Earl
Harold Pinter
as Saul Abrahams
Michael Byrne
as Interrogator
Ray Smith
as Fisherman

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Reviewed by Matinee-3 N/A

This is a remake of the 1941 move "Man Hunt" based on the same book.

This is a remake of the 1941 movie "Man Hunt" based on the same book. It's a pity one can't combine the casts of both films, because the villain in the earlier version was played by George Sanders, who would have been wonderful opposite O'Toole.

The plot is marvellously gritty, with a brutal struggle for survival and a sense of desperation rarely seen in British films.

Reviewed by Aglaope 7 /10

A Story of Nazi Appeasement

I first saw this on TV back in the mid 70's and it was definitely a story of the time, when WW2 was still in the forefront of many peoples minds.

Maybe not to the more modern taste, I've always enjoyed this film. It has a feel of the Thirty Nine Steps about it.

Just before the outbreak of WW2, Peter O'Tooles character fails in his revenge assassination attempt on Hitler. With the help of a sympathetic German, and English sailors, he escapes back to Britain and has to go on the run from the British and Nazi authorities who are both after him to return to Germany to answer for his "crime". He goes into hiding in the country, drawing on his hunting experience, and waits to the outbreak of war when his assassination attempt is looked on in a completely different light by the British, who now see him as a potential asset.

Reviewed by lime-3 N/A

A first-rate thriller receives a superior adaptation.

"Rogue Male" is Geoffrey Household's finest thriller, and has long been one of my favorite books. I only discovered the existence of the film recently, and, sold by the screenwriter, director and cast listings, bought it sight-unseen, which I NEVER do. I was not disappointed. Cuts and changes were made, of course, the vast majority thoroughly justifiable. One or two others, while perhaps not strictly necessary, did no harm at all. The result was complete justice to the novel and a fine film!

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