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A chance encounter becomes a dangerous obsession when a mysterious small-time psychic offers a successful developer a way to reconnect with his dead wife.


Ilana Rein

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by colliganbiz 9 /10

Intelligent thriller with twists

This is a beautifully shot and acted film. Not everyone will appreciate what happens here since you have to pay attention. Unique perspective and tone and leans in on the psychological elements. Those expecting a cookie-cutter thriller will be either pleasantly surprised or disappointed. Keeps you thinking and guessing after it's over.

Reviewed by filmarchetype 10 /10

Engaging and beautiful

This is a very well constructed film. It is very enjoyable to watch due to the cinematography and acting. The well thought out story takes some turns which were surprising and we actually keep talking about. It will challenge you and your notions of what belief and love are to some people. Very much worth watching.

Reviewed by sara-65268-03675 10 /10

Smart and fun

Just what a night at the movies should be - keeps you entertained, keeps you guessing and leaves you talking over what happened. You might not all agree!

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