What a Wonderful Family! 3: My Wife, My Life (2018) torrent download

What a Wonderful Family! 3: My Wife, My Life


Comedy / Drama



Not everyone values the housewife enough. When the local friendly neighbourhood burglar hits their house, the husband and wife descend into a quarrel that ends up with the woman departing the house for her hometown. A series of household mishaps, missteps and mistakes follow. Will she and her pet bird return or is this the end of a twenty-year-old marriage? Whatever the case, the household has already ordered delivery eel and rice for dinner.


Yoji Yamada


Isao Hashizume
as Shuzo Hirata
Kazuko Yoshiyuki
as Tomiko Hirata
Masahiko Nishimura
as Konosuke Hirata
Yui Natsukawa
as Fumie Hirata
Tomoko Nakajima
as Shigeko Kanai
Shozo Hayashiya
as Taizo Kanai