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Grand-Daddy Day Care


Comedy / Family



A family man turns his house into a 'day care' center for senior citizens.

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Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 /10

Let in the clowns

Frank (Reno Wilson) is a writer with writer's block. His family takes in his aging father-in-law Eduardo (Danny Trejo). Eduardo is a former lawyer, ex-con, and has periods of forgetfulness. Circumstances lead to Frank opening up an unlicensed day care for seniors. This gets him in legal trouble.

The film consists of a lot of past careers of people I thought should have had better gigs for their talents. There was a lot of silly slapstick. The humor wasn't great, but some might find it acceptable.

Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity. Warning: Polka music.

Reviewed by cynycyl 2 /10

Offensively ageist and offensively un-funny

Let me lead off with being a fan of nearly every performer in this movie. I've seen, and gone out of my way to see, most of these actors works, whether it be on TV or the big screen. I know family friendly comedies will be safe, middle-of-the-road and take few risks so I watch it with all these expectations. Safe but entertaining, amusing and a chance to see some faces you don't see much these days (Hal Linden, Julia Duffy, Barry Bostwick, George Wendt, James Hong, Linda Gray). The idea of a stymied author making some much needed money on the side by taking in various elderly folks in the neighborhood so they can also keep his newly-moved-in father-in-law (Danny Trejo) company is fine. However, some of these folks aren't that old, yet they have them behave...across the decrepit, frail, clueless, just out of it. Take every old person stereotype you can think of, it's here. Take every old person "joke" and it's them. The writer of the movie seems to have forgotten that old people don't think of themselves as old, most of the time. They are just people that sometimes get held back by their age, but their interests and desires are not "old". The people in this were young in the 60s, 70s and 80s, but they don't use references or show interests that reflect that. Again, it's just really rough, broad stereotypes, skeletons of characters never fleshed out. A movie that could have been Grumpy Old Men (and Women) on steroids becomes a cringe-worthy exercise in laughing *at*, not with, the elderly. The cast deserved so much better than this.

Reviewed by chevs_rule_eh 7 /10


I liked it, I mean it isn't going to win any awards for groundbreaking ideas, but it was a movie that I made it through in one sitting (with my attention span that's saying something). I've seen reviews saying "ageist", I don't see it. There's a guy who sees and opportunity for making money from people pawning off a group of people who are typically seen as incapable or in the way, but a heartwarming tale ensues with a good amount of head trauma. Basically a coming of age movie for an adult.

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