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Born in 1935 in Modena in the worker-class family of a father baker and a mother who worked in a cigar factory, Luciano Pavarotti felt since his childhood the passion by opera due to his father, an amateur tenor. Blessed with a powerful voice and student of the most important Italy's opera teachers of those times, soon the name of Pavarotti turned in a reference of the genre, giving some of the most remembered live performances in the most important theaters across the world, meeting with politicians and world leaders as well as rock and pop singers to bring concerts for humanitarian causes, over-passing any limit when he was part of The Three Tenors with the too opera singers José Carreras and Plácido Domingo. Using archive footage, unreleased material from home videos and photos, and interviewing his closest friends and his family, legendary director Ron Howard reviews the professional carrier of the man who achieved turn opera in a mass phenomenon as never before at the same time ...


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alnazemian 9 /10

Captures the heart & soul of Pavarotti

I saw this film in a theater in New York a few days ago and was enchanted by the film and by the subject of the documentary: Luciano Pavarotti. I didn't know much about Pavarotti before having seen the film and I am not an opera fan. However, this touching documentary endeared me to the man and his music. His life is well documented in this film, excellently directed by Ron Howard. Whether or not you like opera, you will likely appreciate the humor & heart which Pavarotti had as well as his obvious vocal talent. A documentary about a person is supposed to capture the essence of the human being or artist and this film succeeds in doing that. It also successfully revealed the notion that a great artist is also a flawed human being who leads an imperfect life, just like everyone else. I left the theater wanting to know more about the man & his music. Bravo to all involved in this production.

Reviewed by cliffgold-1 8 /10

Bravo to "Pavarotti"

This year's big doc may be Ron Howard's "Pavarotti," a love letter about the great tenor. More than any opera singer since Enrico Caruso a century before, Pavarotti made opera cool in the latter part of the 20th century. With his larger-than-life personality and crystal-clear voice, he became a worldwide sensation, performing everywhere from rural outposts to massive stadiums to outdoor parks.

Howard manages to piece together decades of film --- often grainy and amateurish - with deeply personal interviews with the Maestro's ex-wives, former mistress, daughters, peers (Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, and several sopranos), and admirers. He weaves biography with taped performances from the time Pavarotti was a promising young singer through his waning years.

In fact, Howard presents Pavarotti's life as opera. A man of great passion - for opera, for women, for food, for children - Pavarotti lived large. And he died painfully. Howard manages to make the audience feel the highs and the lows of Pavarotti's personal and professional lives.

But the film is long. It proves that even great directors can fall in love with their own films. Howard could have spent less time in the run-up to stardom to get us to the fantastic success of his middle years and the explosive teaming with Domingo and Carreras as The Three Tenors. His death is handled beautifully as is Pavarotti's heartfelt charitable endeavors in concert with Princess Diana, Bono and many others.

Even if you don't love opera, you will enjoy this stunning documentary.

Reviewed by aryassen 8 /10

A journey worth taking

I am not an opera fan (to put it mildly). I have always had respect for Pavarotti, but knew little about him. This movie takes the viewer on a journey, and the more I've been wathcing, the more I got sucked into the world of Pavarotti. It is long, but felt suprisingly short, and I kind of felt sad when it was over....though also felt that i have learnt a lot. It is an inspiring story, perhaps even more so because it is true...and it's not a pink-clouded nostalgic fairytale either: it shows the flaws and exposes the weeknesses of the man too, yet somehow these just made him all more likeable and more...human. I was in awe by the end of film, and was so glad that I've decided to give it a go (not being an opera fan and all): i think that is time very well spent, with lasting impressions and inspiration.

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