During high school, Zhou Xiaoqi fell in love with You Yongci at first sight, but he watched over her secretly and the girl left without saying goodbye. Now it is 15 years later and he still pines for her.

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Reviewed by MazolaChia 5 /10

Far Away from its public praise

Old story, but I have to admit that at first I was impressed by the romantic plot. However, with the film develops, the plot seems unreasonable! As an instance, starring just break into the wedding's preparation room and have a chat with the bride??? Totally run wild!

Also, I don't know why but the casting is a little bit weird. Why does a China mainland's film cast a Taiwan actor? By the way I admit that Taiwan is a part of China, but the education system in those two areas are totally different. So I don't think cast a Taiwan actor is good. At least the director should dub the starring's voice in order to make it close to the reality!

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