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Tell Her That I Love Her


Drama / Mystery / Romance



David is an accountant. He leaves town every Friday, pretending he is going to take care of his parents at their old people's home. But actually his parents are dead, and he spends the week-ends converting a chalet. He intends to live there with Lise, a woman he knows and loves since childhood. But Lise has just married another and has a baby. David's mad love does not see those facts as an obstacle... —Yepok


Claude Miller


Gérard Depardieu
as David Martinaud
as Juliette
Jacques Denis
as Gérard Dutilleux
Xavier Saint-Macary
as Michel Barbet
Véronique Silver
as Madame Barbet

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbdumonteil 4 /10


Patricia Highsmith's "that sweet sickness" is an absorbing psychological thriller,which grabs you till its last lines. The movie achieves the dubious feat of jettisoning everything .First of all,Depardieu is anything but a young mysterious romantic psychopath;Miou -Miou is as vulgar as ever.Only the late Dominique Laffin and mainly first-class Claude Pieplu rise to the occasion. So

1.try and see Miller's first effort "la meilleure façon de marcher" read the book.

Reviewed by trpdean N/A

Poor TV movie type of story

I don't agree that this is middle-brow film-making. It's more typical of something on the Lifetime Channel.

I do agree that the movie could have (in other hands) been made intriguing by looking at the chain of obsessions among the characters in the movie - but it fails to do so. This is pretty poor stuff. My main interest was in seeing Depardieu and Miou Miou so much younger than I'm used to seeing them. Even Chamonix looks no more remarkable than any other mountain area. This is really not worth people's time.

Reviewed by allyjack 6 /10

Good middlebrow movie-making, when not akin to a Hollywood psycho flick

The movie builds to an inevitably tragic climax, then - more than a little jarringly - director Miller literally rewinds the film back to the penultimate step in the drama, when Depardieu held his lost love with a vision of perfect romantic unity: the moment of fulfillment in which he'll presumably spend the rest of his deranged life. The movie for most of its length is intriguing as an escalating story of obsession, but never really gets a handle on Depardieu's problem, which makes the later developments akin to those you'd find in a Hollywood-type psycho flick, and not that much more restrained. His particular journey is less artistically interesting than the secondary structure of Miou-Miou's obsession with him and the other man's thing for her, which suggests a perpetual domino effect of misplaced ideals and dreams; however, this is never really played out and everything ultimately depends on the central story. When not letting fly, the movie has the restrained observation and visual taste of good middlebrow French movie-making and the overall air of wistful yearning and pain is pretty effective; the setting in the snow is especially striking.

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