Christmas Proposal (2021) torrent download

Christmas Proposal


Comedy / Romance



When work moves Jason across the world, he can only bring his love, Carla, if they are married by Christmas.


Nakia T Hamilton

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by latrese888 1 /10

Am I getting punked?!

These days the cover advertisement for movies give you no clue the movie is extremely low-budget. I have Never given a 1 rating but don't say I didn't warn you. Lighting, sound and soundtrack was that of a star-studded production but simple-minded content with sad acting and lines as if written by an adolescent. Overly dramatic acting when not called for. I kept watching as if someone would jump out of my closet and say Gotcha!!!

Reviewed by zbbqpgvfn 1 /10

Worst acting ever

Cute trailer but the movie is horrible. It starts bad and only gets worse! Acting is not good, production is horrible, characters are unlikable and the plot absolutely sucks. It looks like a home movie.

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