The Murder of Gabby Petito: Truth, Lies and Social Media (2021) torrent download

The Murder of Gabby Petito: Truth, Lies and Social Media


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Examines Gabby's life through the curated lens she created and immerses the viewer in the world of social media sleuthing that was crucial to the case.

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Reviewed by TxMike N/A

Summary of a sad story of two young people.

I am one of those who got captivated over the year 2021 regarding the Brian and Gabby story. Her disappearance just didn't make sense. Brian and Gabby literally grew up together in New York. It isn't clear what his ambitions were but she and he decided to travel and blog to have fun exploring and make money doing it. Something it seems many young people want to do. Photos and videos seemed to witness to how much they were enjoying it.

Then came a series of events, one involving a roadside stop by Utah police after witnesses had reported a "domestic" incident where the two were fighting. Not too long after we all got news that Gabby was no longer heard from. Her daily blog stopped. Then Brian showed up back at his parents home, in Gabby's van but without her. Then her remains were located. Some weeks later Brian's remains were located in Florida, the coroner determined he died of a self-inflicted gunshot.

So we will never really know what happened, my own speculation is they had a serious fight, Brian choked her and accidentally killed Gabby then panicked and didn't know what to do. And sadly his parents never cooperated, probably because they knew of his guilt. But that is sheer speculation on my part.

I watched this documentary, I didn't learn much new but it provides one long summary of the sad story of Gabby and Brian. It could have been better, of course. For example they spend some time on a video vacationers accidentally got of Gabby's van around the time she disappeared, analysis indicated the back door was closing, but they never indicated if Gabby's remains were found near there or if the video was just an inconsequential accident. It appears to have been rushed out while the news was fresh.

I watched it streaming on Peacock. I found it worthwhile.

Reviewed by Lejink 7 /10

Road Trip Tragedy

I must admit I only came to this case after all the main events had already occurred in it, i.e. I wasn't caught up in the widespread social media interest in the case when Gabby Petito first went missing from which everything else followed. Released remarkably quickly after the case was pronounced closed with the apparent suicide of the main suspect in the young girl's death, being her erstwhile fiance and travelling companion, one Brian Laundrie, this documentary relates the tragic story sequentially, using keyboard-subtitles to set the scene, interspersed with footage of Miss Petito doing her innocent pieces to camera during their travels, then the revealing police body-cam film of her in an emotionally distressed state when a witness saw Laundrie assaulting her and after her death combining TV news inserts with interviews with the victims immediate family and the various people on social media who in different ways got involved in the case. . The victim herself was bright, pretty and artistic and had bought a white transit van, kitted it out for travel and then with her boyfriend Laundrie set out west on a road-trip, her intention being to create a travelogue vlog and hopefully garner attention on the main social outlets in the process.

But she never completed the journey, going missing while her fiancé returned home driving her van, but with Gabby nowhere to be found. As her disappearance went viral on the social networks, with more and more people getting caught up in the mystery of her whereabouts, the case took a tragic turn when she was found dead, strangled by her killer. Everything pointed to Laundrie being the perpetrator, especially when the local police department released footage of two of their officers responding to a witness reporting Laundrie hitting Gabby in the face and the couple driving away. Flagged down by the police, Gabby is obviously in some distress but appears to take the blame for the incident . What had seemed on Facebook etc to be a romantic odyssey by two young star-crossed lovers then turned dark with a subsequent murder and apparent suicide leaving Gabby's separated patents and two equally loving step-parents desolate over her loss.

I must admit I got somewhat confused by the overuse of a timeline diagram to signpost significant events as they occurred. Not surprisingly, Laundrie's parents aren't represented at all, neither were any of the local law enforcement agencies. As a viewing experience, it perhaps could have been more sharply edited. We learn for example that strangely no gun was found at Laundrie's death-site and just how to explain the mysterious closure of the door of the parked van actually caught on dashcam by a holidaying family in their own touring vehicle..

With all the loose ends of the case pretty much tied-up by the end, one can only sympathise with Gabby's family on the loss of their vivacious daughter while feeling nothing but derision for the family of her almost certain murderer who it appears covered up for him.

This documentary told its sorry story in a rather detached, frenetic manner, I felt not entirely sympathetic to the circumstances, being shot almost like a contemporary thriller but what does shine out is the personality of Miss Petito, whose bad luck it was to go on a road trip with the wrong person.

Reviewed by pacocharte 7 /10

Pretty straightforward recap of this strange and tragic case.

First off, as of now the other user reviews contain spoilers but the users didn't check the box. So if you stumble on this review first and didn't know about this case, you should skip the other reviews.

Without spoiling anything, this documentary clocks in at a relieving 1 hour and 25 minutes, so up front it's clear that it will be sticking to the story and not wasting our time with a bunch of auxiliary junk like podcast techniques and unnecessary graphical reproductions.

As the title states, this tells the story of the murder of Gabby Petito and all of the media and social media reactions before and after her body was identified. If you're interested in a recap with everything being in one convenient place, this film is recommended. Otherwise, if you followed the case as it unfolded, there probably won't be too much here that you didn't already know. 7/10.

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