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Picking up where its predecessor, the short film anthology "Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops," left off, "Earth Emergency" paints a more hopeful picture of the future if warnings are heeded and changes are made soon. However, the film warns that if left unchecked, feedback loops amplify the threat of rising temperatures and speed up global warming in ways that many aren't aware of. —Variety Magazine


Susan Gray

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Reviewed by icdrgon 1 /10

Don't know where to start...

I do not know where to start, so I will say this; What a great fictional story this is, but as far as scientific facts, they have been debunked so many times by all of the scientific community that still has unpurchased integrity.

Reviewed by manolescuvd 9 /10

This needs to be free on YouTube

This is one of the very few documentaries talking about the feedback loops - which are very important and it seems people are not aware of.

Unfortunately, if is not about fancy social media influencers to engage with, humans don't bother listen and politicians are too corporate involved to really care and take actions.

We will probably end up losing a lot of things because of human ignorance and it will become more expensive for future generations to try to have a normal life.

Being a minority, as scientists always are, and trying to make others aware of a danger happening - is futile.

Reviewed by mkelly-70767 10 /10

The systems dynamics of climate change

This film is important because the production team has focused on explaining how multiple kinds of interlinked process are producing conditions that feed into one another, making climate change lead to more warming and more change.

The graphics illustrate these processes, and interviews with scientists who have studied each of the processes put a human face on the ideas and facts.

I hope such a well-produced film, with such important ideas about the system of human activities + natural processes = a looming climate emergency, will reach a wide audience.

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