Mansion of the Doomed (1976) torrent download

Mansion of the Doomed


Horror / Thriller



An insane surgeon finds himself up to his armpits in eyeballs after guilt prompts him to begin removing the eyes of abducted people in hopes of performing transplants on his daughter who lost her own in a car-accident he caused. —Ørnås


Michael Pataki


Richard Basehart
as Dr. Leonard Chaney
Gloria Grahame
as Katherine
Lance Henriksen
as Dr. Dan Bryan
JoJo D'Amore
as Georgio
Trish Stewart
as Nancy Chaney
Donna Andresen
as Sylvia Porter

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mark.waltz 2 /10

The doom follows the viewer for 90 minutes.

After about an hour, I realized in watching this creepy horror film that it was best to continue viewing it as a dark comedy. It's certainly has many moments that made me reluctantly laugh, but I couldn't help it in the most notable melodramatic moments when several of the kidnapped victims of doctor Richard Basehart escape. One is quickly captured in the front yard (with no neighbors even noticing), and another makes it to the highway with bass hard chasing her, aided by a force that she didn't even perceive in taking care of the situation. Then there is a presence of Gloria Grahame, looking like she stuck additional cotton into her mouth to give her that pouty look, her squeaky voice even more affected than it was when she played Ado Annie in "Oklahoma!".

The story surrounds Basehart's desire to find eyeballs for daughter Trish Stewart who was injured in a car accident and is now blind. It certainly is a gruesome theme, and there's plenty of gore within the context of the film. The snake pit of people that he kidnaps for their eyeballs becomes like a mental institution of the blind, and those scenes are very odd to say the least. The pretty poor black girl who is hired as a nurse and finds herself quickly blinded and kept in the basement is by far the most tragic character. Grahame really gets nothing substantial to do, and her character has no motivation, making her declaration of "Kill them!" to her boss all the more odd. At least with Basehart, there's a reasoning for his madness, even if he is a brutal fiend.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 /10

A creepy & disturbing 70's mad doctor horror flick

Charles Band's perfectly grim and upsetting first-ever low-budget indie fright feature is a real creepy, unpleasant and most unnerving shocker starring Richard Basehart as a well-respected, but obsessed surgeon determined to restore his blind daughter's sight by stealing unwitting donors' eyes for extremely graphic and gruesome transplants! Pretty soon Basehart has a basement full of miserable, hideously moaning and hollow-socketed victims who include the always welcome Lance Henrikson (who's fine as usual in his initial foray into the horror genre) and blaxploitation actress Marilyn Joi.

Capably directed with admirable conviction and seriousness by longtime favorite sleaze movie thesp Michael Pataki (who also helmed the outrageously bawdy soft-core musical version of "Cinderella" for Band), with excellent icky make-up f/x by Stan Winston, a splendidly spare'n'spooky Robert O. Ragland score, an appropriately eerie and unsparingly bleak tone (the sequences with Basehart's victims groaning in abject pain and suffering are quite potent and upsetting), solid cinematography by future big deal mainstream Hollywood director Andrew Davis (who went on to direct such big budget action blockbusters as "Under Siege" and "The Fugitive"), sturdy supporting performances by Gloria Grahame as Basehart's loyal, but worried assistant and Vic Tayback as a homicide detective, and a truly startling nice'n'nasty ending, this overall rates as a highly unsettling and effectively rough-edged little B-horror item.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 6 /10

Amazing scum

Call it Mansion of the Doomed. Or The Terror of Dr. Chaney. You may also refer to it as Eyes, Eyes of Dr. Chaney, House of Blood or Massacre Mansion. But whatever name you choose to refer to this Charles Band produced, Michael Pataki directed movie, you will probably enjoy it. Seriously, it's packed with sleaze, eyeballs being removed and plenty of your genre favorites.

Dr. Leonard Chaney (Richard Basehart, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) caused the accident that cost the sight of his daughter Nancy (Trish Stewart, Salvage 1). Now, he is cutting up eyeballs so that he can get his girl to see again, starting with her fiancee Lance Henriksen and moving on to Marilyn Joi, who played Cleopatra Schwartz in The Kentucky Fried Movie.

Gloria Grahame - as Chaney's wife - and Vic Tayback - playing a cop - are both in this, meaning that this is a Blood and Lace reunion. Pop the cork on that sparkling cider! Celebrate!

Frank Ray Perilli wrote this. He worked with Pataki on the softcore film Cinderella, plus he wrote the movies Dracula's Dog, Laserblast, End of the World and Alligator.

Come for the stars, stick around for the Stan Winston effects and enjoy the craziness of Basehart as he goes from loving father to kidnapper of children to a man who has an entire group of eyeless victims just meandering around his basement.

This movie is pure scum. It's even a category 3 video nasty, which means that you know I had to watch it at midnight when I really needed to go to sleep.

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